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Watercolour Textures (Collins Artist's Studio) Ann Blockley is a very successful artist, known for the innovative way in which she uses texture as a key element in her work This book, in Collins Artist s Studio series, looks at how she achieves her stunning effects and provides essential guidelines for the intermediate painter wishing to develop this aspect of their own painting Creating texture in watercolour can be quite a challenge but this book provides a fresh approach to the subject It focuses on a wide range of unusual techniques, some of which depart from the conventional methods, revealing how to portray texture by a variety of means Ann explains how to manipulate the paint by lifting out colour, scraping and scratching the paint, and by using additional materials such as wax, clingfilm, salt and metallic pigments She also explains how the surface itself can play an important role in the effects that can be achieved, and experiments with acrylics, inks, gouache and collage as well as watercolour In later chapters Ann looks at the creative process and provides insights into how to develop ideas, then concentrates on how to portray texture in specific subjects, such as flowers and foliage, animals, still life, buildings and landscapes Practical exercises, projects, step by step demonstrations and studio tips are included, as well as the work of several guest artists John Blockley, Moira Huntly and Shirley Trevena

5 thoughts on “Watercolour Textures (Collins Artist's Studio)

  1. mazand mazand says:

    Ann Blockley never disappoints Inspiring techniques and a range of subjects covered in this book I also enjoyed seeing other artists work included If you love colour, pattern, originality and experiment in watercolour then you ll enjoy this book.

  2. Janni Cooper Janni Cooper says:

    This is a supurb book, the authoress and her late father are in my opinion the most supurb, subtle and satisfying artists, so the teaching books of these two wonderful artists are an inspiration indeed I highly recommend this book and others by Ann Blockley to anyone wanting to enhance their painting methods and bring new and varied interest to their work, we are fortunate that she has chosen to share her wonderful ways with is I own many books on painting and think if I had to chose only one this would be my first choice

  3. Lovejoy Lovejoy says:

    I love this book it is so easy to follow and yet bursting with inspirational ideas for any artist who wants to develop their watercolour techniques further Watercolour is such a wonderfully magical medium, and Ann demonstrates how to use it in semi abstract paintings to create atmosphere and beautiful light effects for flowers, landscapes or mixed media pictures Includes using cling film, and adding granulation, luminescence and other mediums to create the desired result.

  4. Geraldine Darlington Geraldine Darlington says:

    Stunningly illustrated with her own and other artists work, this is a wonderful exposition of Ann s approach and methodology The book is not prescriptive, encouraging each artist to develop their own voice Wonderful

  5. Eileen Helen Eileen Helen says:

    Another book that just has to be added to any artists library The presentation of the contents makes the reader want to start immediately exploring new techniques in the world of water colour paints It s an easily read and understood book which illuminates the reader in ways than one The choice of illustrations is both eye catching and assists the texts perfectly.

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