Ash Mistry and the Savage Fortress PDF ò Ash Mistry

  • Kindle Edition
  • Ash Mistry and the Savage Fortress (The Ash Mistry Chronicles, Book 1)
  • Sarwat Chadda
  • 01 January 2018
  • 0007447329

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Ash Mistry and the Savage Fortress (The Ash Mistry Chronicles, Book 1)Every kids book or film should be as engaging for an adult if produced intelligently, with humour, action and wit This was one of those simple pleasures Loved it Breathtaking action adventure fortoyear olds Ash Mistry, reluctant hero, faces ancient demons and comes into an astonishing, magical inheritanceVaranasi holy city of the GangesIn this land of ancient temples, incense and snake charmers Where the monsters and heroes of the past come to life One slightly geeky boy from our time IS GOING TO KICK SOME DEMON ASSAsh Mistry hates India Which is a problem since his uncle has brought him and his annoying younger sister Lucky there to take up a dream job with the mysterious Lord Savage But Ash immediately suspects something is very wrong with the eccentric millionaire Soon, Ash finds himself in a desperate battle to stop Savage s masterplan the opening of the Iron Gates that have kept Ravana, the demon king, at bay for four millennia Awesome Thoroughly enjoyed by my children, although quite graphic in places This was a fast paced book and they really enjoyed the links to mythology looking for extra characters to come in. I honestly couldn t put this book down, although its aimed at teenagers I am nearly 40 and loved this book.I cannot wait to read number 2 I am rather irritated that this is marketed so heavily as being for boys Why It s a great, exciting, fun read, wonderful to see a British Asian protagonist and fantasy from a non European tradition Why should it be assumed that girls won t like it too Ash Mistry and the Savage Fortress opens with the slightly podgy and geeky Ashoka Ash Mistry and his little sister Lucky on holiday visiting their aunt and uncle in Varanasi, on the banks of the Ganges He and Lucky accompany his aunt and uncle to a party at the home of the wealthy and eccentric Lord Savage While there, Ash witnesses some creepy events, and his uncle being offered a huge sum to do some translation of ancient texts.However after a terrible accident befalls his aunt and uncle, Ash and Lucky find themselves on the run from Lord Savage and the demons in league with him Helped by a sadhu and a shape shifting girl called Parvati, they must stop Lord Savage before he unleashes a terrible evil.I loved this book It reads very well, with vivid descriptions and plenty of excitement and peril and gore Ash is a likable character, not as smart alecky as characters like Artemis Fowl and Otto Malpense from the Mark Walden s H.I.V.E, but I think Ash would appeal to fans of those series, as well as to Skulduggery Pleasant s I can see readers 8 12 eagerly reading Ash, and longing for Highly recommended. The first time I opened the book, I wasn t expecting to experience all the adventures, gruesome moments and even wonder which lay inside it Once on the nearly 2n d page, no one was able to unglue my head out of it I just kept on reading, reading and reading Everything seemed so real and alive as every single word became even interesting leading onto every single sentence.Through the time of me reading this book, it began to act like a very long, lost and forgotten friend Once it had all finished, I even shed a tear because of how amazing the story was as well as the ending.This book means a lot to me, and I am sure that it will mean a lot to you to I can t wait for my Birthday when my parents will buy me the other book It was reviewed by my 9 year old daughter Amelia Ash Mistry and the Savage Fortress is a fantastic action packed read for teens If you have enjoyed Percy Jackson, Darren Shan and Skulduggery Pleasant then this book is for you Sarwat Chadda s new book is steeped in Indian legend with a hero torn between the high tech London of his everyday life and the ancient land of snake charmers, gurus and demon legends of his ancestors In case you didn t know Demons are in and there are no darker demons then those of Indian mythology Ash is an unlikely hero plump, nerdy and a little bit lazy but when his family are endangered he has to step up and learn how to fight and when he discovers an ancient Indian artefact he realises that he his stronger then he thought I really enjoyed this and hopefully it will be the first in a series It s bound to excite the interest of readers aged 10 especially as Asian mythology has rarely if ever been featured in books for this age group before and it offers an exciting new area for the author to explore I am a huge fan of mythology and I knew nothing about Indian mythology before I picked this up so it s been a great introduction I look forward to reading from this author. Its a nice light little read that makes you see mundane life with a wonder in our eyes.Can Rakshasa be really moving around us Without us knowing Was Ravana not what we are told in tales Was Ram Ash, an average plump spoilt kid who enjoys video games and loves reading historyis a totally believable character sometimes he does sound a little different than what i might expect a kid to be sound like, but heynothing that is happening to and around him is even remotely normal Rishi and Parvati are really intriguing characters and so is Lord Savage The love and hate that is balanced between these characters is truly amazing and the build up to the climax is enjoyable Climax with Ravana is a bit disappointing, but then hey he isn t the real villain of the story is is he After reading the first book my 11 year old son requested I purchase the second book.

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Is a well known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Ash Mistry and the Savage Fortress (The Ash Mistry Chronicles, Book 1) book, this is one of the most wanted Sarwat Chadda author readers around the world.