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Wes Anderson (Close-Ups, Book 1) I d encourage anyone interested in cinema, or the work of Wes Anderson to pick up this book Sophie s writing is eloquent, but accessible and perceptive It s a useful reference work if you re studying the filmmaker, or just want to dip into critical discussions of his work casually The book is typical of Sophie s writing It s written with passion, intelligence and heart The structure avoids an obviously unimaginative chronological approach and becomes an illuminating account of Anderson s authorship and his place in contemporary American cinema Unlike so many academic books it avoids being turgid in its expression, or relying on obfuscating expression or language in order to sound elitist If you want to read of her writing on cinema, then head on over to Little White Lies I for one can t wait to read what she publishes next. The indispensable, illustrated pocket guide to the films of Wes Anderson, from Bottle Rocket to Isle of Dogs.ALSO AVAILABLE Close Ups Vampire MoviesClose Ups New York MoviesWes Anderson is a distinctive auteur of modern American cinema, known for having created a personal universe out of pastel colour palettes, meticulous set design, nostalgic soundtracks and a troupe of familiar actors all seen in films such as Rush, The Royal Tenenbaums, The Grand Budapest Hotel and Isle of Dogs.In this illustrated pocket guide Sophie Monks Kaufman delves beneath Anderson s pristine surfaces to examine his emotional preoccupations with family, romance, failure, adventure and death She carefully unspools the cultural threads that inform his aesthetic to explain why this precocious arthouse film nerd from Texas has become one of the most popular directors of his generation.

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