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The 5 AM Club I wanted to love this book, it s an uplifting read but I found it a little challenging and frustrating at times RS really needs to employ a tougher editor, the prose is overly woolly and the message of the book could have been delivered with far fewer words I was also a little confused with the narrative voice, which was disjointed and confusing at times It s a self help improvement book written as a fable but the authors perspective and views are overtly displayed in the opinions of the billionaire , which in my opinion detracts from the story.Overall it s a nice book and I will take away and implement some of the recommendations, but if you buy this don t expect a well structured and robustly edited story, if RS wanted to put as much of himself in this book as he did he would have been better sticking to a simple Non Fiction style. Legendary Leadership And Elite Performance Expert Robin Sharma Introduced The Am Club Concept Over Twenty Years Ago, Based On A Revolutionary Morning Routine That Has Helped His Clients Maximize Their Productivity, Activate Their Best Health And Bulletproof Their Serenity In This Age Of Overwhelming ComplexityNow, In This Life Changing Book, Handcrafted By The Author Over A Rigorous Four Year Period, You Will Discover The Early Rising Habit That Has Helped So Many Accomplish Epic Results While Upgrading Their Happiness, Helpfulness And Feelings Of AlivenessThrough An Enchanting And Often Amusing Story About Two Struggling Strangers Who Meet An Eccentric Tycoon Who Becomes Their Secret Mentor, The Am Club Will Walk You Through How Great Geniuses, Business Titans And The World S Wisest People Start Their Mornings To Produce Astonishing Achievements A Little Known Formula You Can Use Instantly To Wake Up Early Feeling Inspired, Focused And Flooded With A Fiery Drive To Get The Most Out Of Each Day A Step By Step Method To Protect The Quietest Hours Of Daybreak So You Have Time For Exercise, Self Renewal And Personal Growth A Neuroscience Based Practice Proven To Help Make It Easy To Rise While Most People Are Sleeping, Giving You Precious Time For Yourself To Think, Express Your Creativity And Begin The Day Peacefully Instead Of Being Rushed Insider Only Tactics To Defend Your Gifts, Talents And Dreams Against Digital Distraction And Trivial Diversions So You Enjoy Fortune, Influence And A Magnificent Impact On The WorldPart Manifesto For Mastery, Part Playbook For Genius Grade Productivity And Part Companion For A Life Lived Beautifully, The Am Club Is A Work That Will Transform Your Life Forever Definitely in two minds about this book Robin Sharma has some great models of excellence in his toolkit, but this one didn t hang together coherently for me Unlike The Monk who sold the story here is tortuous and contrived to make his point The device for introducing random quotes by having them appear on artifacts throughout the book is jarring It might work in a movie to see these things in the background, but not in a book The fiction writing feels poor and detracts from the message attempts to paint a scene or an image pop up to disturb the narrative, much like the doves or butterflies, and the language is stilted and painfully attempts to be trendy I found myself longing for just one anyhow rather than anyhoo , or for the protagonists to be referred to as my friends just to avoid the grating repetition of cats We are whisked around the world to places that have obviously had an impact on Sharma s life and that he wants to share with us, but that feel as if they are forced into the story for no real purpose, even to the point that the Robben Island visit at the end feels cliched despite the obvious message Perhaps if we hadn t bounced around the world so much earlier on it wouldn t feel like here we go again The models introduced for some reason fail to stick in the mind, sliding easily out of our memories perhaps because they are simply restating the things we already know without providing any real hooks to hang them on I ll reread the penultimate chapter as it does seem to form a good conclusion, but I left the book wishing I had just read that chapter with a little introduction It felt like there were some real nuggets of wisdom in there, but wrapped up in too much novelisation to make it easy to extract them I ll use some of the tools and the ideas to create a better early morning world for myself, but I found myself longing for something that would give me the real tools to sustain such a radical change in my mornings, the practicalities of which seemed to be skated over.I wanted to like this But somehow it fell short In The Monk Who Sold the story and the message were interwoven and depended on each other Here it felt like an artificial device and maybe this time the use of fiction actually detracts from the message rather than supporting it, causing me to have to work hard to separate the message from the storyline, and finding myself wincing when the two collided, as they seemed to do far too often There s a romance in there A life threatening illness An extra violent business takeover threat None of them advance the theme of the book one iota There s good stuff here, but you re going to have to work hard to find it. As a Muslim, I have been rising before the sun for many years as I try not to miss my morning prayer But I have been inconsistent in staying up after doing my morning prayers So, I bought this book to get some practical advice re how I can consistently stay up after the prayers It has been very helpful and am trying to apply the learning Still a long way to go but I really loved the book I wonder whether Robin knows about the morning routine of the Prophet Muhammad and his companions Lot of the things I have read hear has been covered in the practical teaching of Prophet Muhammad. This is a great book by a fabulous man with great morals and values He s a great and author Always so enthusiastic and encouraging in everything that Robin does I follow him on Instagram and he never ceases to encourage and enthuse a person to remain committed to giving the best of themselves by investing in yourself Nothing I can ever argue with This book will not disappoint anyone who wants to know the way high achievers in personal and professional life create their own definition of success A great follow up to The Monk who sold his Ferarri too Love his work and his key message to maintaining a balanced and constructive life Read it and act on it This book transformed my life It is packed with strategies and there is an free app you can download once you finish to support you on your journey The descriptions for each strategy really helps you buy into them, in addition to spiritual thinking on why some things in life don t work out.I scanned through the first few pages of the book where it goes into the story of the millionaire, spellbinder, artist and homeless person The early part of the book was not that interesting for me I flicked to where it got into the teachings and that s where the book came alive for me I ve never underlined so much in a book

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