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The Persian Cinderella The author of The Egyptian Cinderella and The Korean Cinderella transports the immortal fairy tale to ancient Persia and adds some surprising twists to its characters and plot, as well as realistic, well researched illustrations

15 thoughts on “The Persian Cinderella

  1. Bella Mama Bella Mama says:

    I bought this book for my 6 year old daughter she loves it It s beautifully illustrated because my mum is Armenian but brought up in Persia she reads it to her It s a great way for grandmother granddaughter to bond over the spectacular backdrop of this stunning country I would highly recommend.

  2. Customer Customer says:

    My class, my daughter and I love this book Great illustration and a fabulous take on a classic story Fully recommend it

  3. Cate Morris Cate Morris says:

    Good packaging Book just as described Thanks


    recommending PERSIAN CINDERELLA to those with the taste for the best..Mr.Robert Florczak illustrations are amazing and is the cornerstone of the book.Regards.J.Radmard MD from Sydney

  5. mehie mehie says:

    It is too traditional It s hard for a child who are born and raised in North America to understand the old fashioned life style.

  6. Parisa Parisa says:

    EPIC FAIL DO NOT BUY OFFENSIVE BOOK This book is an insult to Persian culture, full of stereotypes and they aren t even the right stereotypes I bought it and my American husband stopped reading it after three pages because he was so offended buy it If you want better Persian stories the Shahnameh stories are far less sexist, full of authentic strong female heroines Find a good translation of Ferdowsi.At the time of this review, there are 22 reviews including mine and two one star reviews I took a closer look and both one star reviews are the only ones written by Persians So essentially 100% of Persians HATED this book It s a complete hack job.Dear white people, not all of the Middle East has the same past and culture Some were progressive than others This book, is incredibly sexist and backwards even for the time it supposedly take place in Do not read this to your daughters Persian women are not and were NEVER known in the Middle East for subservience.The book is full of sexism, weak women, strong uncaring men Setareh s father honored the women s quarters with a visit Setareh seldom saw her father for he was busy in the world of men The prince pays her a compliment and she responds you honor me Pffft, Persian women throughout history have played a large role in their kingdoms and households If anything the stereotype is and was that Persian women are notorious for making men work hard to please them hence the Taj Mahal.The whole book reads like an ignorant white person s view of what is Persian.Women and men in Persia intermingled much than suggested, and women were much powerful and involved with state affairs.Also the illustrations look Turkish than Persian and the lead looks like a white girl with black hair, her clothing is also lacking in authenticity.

  7. Vanessa Vanessa says:

    I love the story It s a little bit different than the Cinderella stories most of us are familiar with, but satisfying I m a bit of a fairy tale snob, and I love this interpretation The illustrations are top notch just beautiful I m a big proponent of art for children, and, in fact, my own five children would often choose an edition of a favorite folk or fairy tale based largely on the artwork My youngest son works for the local art museum though we live in a relatively small city, our art museum is highly respected I m not especially enad with the quality of the binding of my new, supposedly library bound edition, but the contents of the book I highly recommend.

  8. Sheila F. Lozada Sheila F. Lozada says:

    I like this book, but some of the vocabulary is a little difficult, even for the teacher.

  9. Velia Graham Velia Graham says:

    Very good condition.

  10. Pat in Peoria Pat in Peoria says:

    A delightful tale Beautifully illustrated Has Persian terms included and defined.

  11. wisconsinable wisconsinable says:

    Great story we use with our in search of Cinderella unit

  12. retired storyteller retired storyteller says:

    In this Persian variant of a Cinderella story, Shirley Climo has used language which invokes the flowery language of the Middle East without the wordiness Robert Florczak s illustrations show both the simplicity and complexity of Persian art An excellent pairing of author and illustrator to present a different version of a favorite folk tale.

  13. Anita S. Ahmadi Anita S. Ahmadi says:

    The Middle Eastern Cinderella Interesting to read how different cultures have their own versions of every little girl s dream We enjoyed the book

  14. dona m k dona m k says:

    It is a very nice book and a good way to make studying history interesting.

  15. Customer Customer says:

    My LO loves this book and brings it often to be read.

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