Here on Gilligan's Isle: The Professor's Behind-the-scenes

Here on Gilligan's Isle: The Professor's Behind-the-scenes Guide to Gilligan's Island Gilligan s Island s Professor offers fans behind the scenes anecdotes and answers the oft asked question how was the professor able to build a nuclear reactor and a car but never a boat Original , first printing , ad promo

  • Here on Gilligan's Isle: The Professor's Behind-the-scenes Guide to Gilligan's Island
  • Russell Johnson
  • 09 July 2018
  • 0060969938

About the Author: Russell Johnson

Is a well known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Here on Gilligan's Isle: The Professor's Behind the scenes Guide to Gilligan's Island book, this is one of the most wanted Russell Johnson author readers around the world.

15 thoughts on “Here on Gilligan's Isle: The Professor's Behind-the-scenes Guide to Gilligan's Island

  1. Customer Customer says:

    This is a great read You know, one of those books you can just pick up at anytime, put down and pick up where you left off Russell Johnson is a gifted story teller who captures all of those little idiosyncrasies on the set of the show Interesting fact The show was cancelled prematurely due to it having been moved to a time slot later occupied by Bonanza One wonders what a fourth season aboard the Minnow and on the island could have entailed I m a lover of the show and a lover of this book

  2. Bittwister Bittwister says:

    A fun read and a must have for anyone who was a fan of the show.

  3. D. Jenkins D. Jenkins says:

    Very enjoyable read for anyone interested in the TV series Some good behind the scenes information.

  4. Customer Customer says:

    Loved the book I would highly recommend it to any Gilligan s Island fan The book arrived right on time, without delay.

  5. babyboomerlarry babyboomerlarry says:

    Even though he denies it, you almost get the feeling that Russell was writing this book in character Or, maybe he WAS destined to play a part that stayed with him all his life I guess if he had made money on the residuals, he would have had a different attitude.Still, you learn a little about Russell s life outside of playing The Professor on Gilligan s Island and that he was decorated WWII hero You also get his take on all the other cast members with a pretty good idea that most of the crew basically tolerated Tina.Bottom Line if you want to know about the making of Gilligan, buy this as well as Bob Denver s autobiography but stay away from those focusing on Sherwood Schwartz.

  6. T. J. Boone T. J. Boone says:

    Great book with many, many inside stories of the Making of Gilligan s Island Also briefly covers Russell Johnson s life and career before the show, which is much interesting than I thought it would be Highly recommend

  7. J. D. Piatt J. D. Piatt says:

    Great behind the scenes look at Gilligan s Island Plenty of trivia for the fans, too.I had no idea how G.I essentially ruined his career He was a steady working actor in Hollywood until he got his big break with Gilligan He became typecast, and then found it difficult to get roles after that Plus they were only paid for a few re runs of the show After that, no Hence when it went into syndication even though it was played continuously in the 70s and even today, he doesn t make money from it.I was pleasantly surprised to find how Russell is quite gracious when talking about his co stars, especially Jim Backus and Natalie Shaffer And in contrast to many tell alls there are no sordid tales, or even profanity.I was somewhat surprised to hear how much he disliked Ronald Reagan personally Almost seemed out of place in the book Oh, well.Mr Johnson is a great writer, and seems like a genuine Hollywood nice guy.I d like to meet him.

  8. T. M. Haliburton T. M. Haliburton says:

    Fun book the ultimate guide for any and all fans of Gilligan s Island Russel Johnson The Professor writes in a humble, and easy going style no kiss and tell here just some honest observations Lots of great photos and a great trip down memory lane for those of us who remember the days when TV was enjoyable entertainment and not a platform for politics and social change. So, just sit right back and you ll read a tale..

  9. Customer Customer says:

    It was great to read about Gilligan s Isle from Russell Johnson s point of view There was information about each actor actress from the show, what it was like working with one another, what his co stars were like, etc He has many fond memories of the cast, and I m glad he decided to share such a detailed account with the fans of the show There are lots of nice black and white photos as well, some from the show and some behind the scenes It s a must read for true fans of the show

  10. R. Kallio R. Kallio says:

    Russell Johnson played the character of The Professor on the island manages to co author a book that cover enough info that gives an inside look into Gilligan s Island to justify the book s title The syndicated TV show has sustained for a VERY long time, and with it comes a deep level of fascination and many questions of curiosity Mr Johnson s book is an easy read and covers a lot of entertaining info It doesn t get TOO deep.and Russell politely tries to refrain from talking smack about his co starts and crew Overall, I personally enjoyed this book.

  11. David M Chesser David M Chesser says:

    Not exactly a tell all thrill ride, but some nice anecdotes from a man on the inside The documentary Surviving Gilligan s Island seems to have been largely based on Russell Johnson s book though the doc was primarily hosted by Dawn Wells.

  12. Walton P. Sellers III Walton P. Sellers III says:

    I really enjoyed reading this book, as I grew up with the original series Although I understand that a new generation of viewers might want to be introduced to Gilligan s Island with a cast of stars that they are familiar with, baby boomers like me will always remain true to the original Russell Johnson, the Professor, is a consummate professional As the senior statesman for the surviving original cast, he is candid without being coarse and remains ever respectful to the memory of his dead comrades He is also espectful of the feelings of the surviving Islanders If you want to learn everything possible about the original Gilligan s Island series from someone who experienced it firsthand, BUY THIS BOOK

  13. Bogwalker Bogwalker says:

    I totally enjoyed reading every page of this book It was like sitting over coffee with Russell Johnson In the last part of the book a synopsis of each episode is given with interesting facts about each I debated about getting the book but am glad I did.

  14. R. Hoff R. Hoff says:

    Many facts were in this book that many overlook when watching the show..Like a car in a picture of the Minnow beached on the island , the real age of Lovey ,How the Professor saw life on the Island,Complete episode guide included

  15. J. Wheeler J. Wheeler says:

    Thank you, Professor for your gift to Gilligan s Island fans Most interesting was your affection for Dawn Wells and your impression of Tina Louise.

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