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The Beverly Hillbillies This book is chocked full of information about The Beverly Hillbillies including episode summaries and guest stars I highly recommend owning this book There are several tidbits of details in this book that you can not find elsewhere. I like this book remember buying it in early 1994 at a bookstore in Lexington, Kentucky What was the publication date on this book in 1993 I was wondering if it was published after or before Beverly Hillbillies movie came out in October of 1993. There really aren t any other books out there about The Beverly Hillbillies, so this is probably the only one you d be looking at anyway But it is an excellent, thorough review with pretty much everything there is to put in a book about the show There s chapters on each cast member, celebrity guest stars, the movies however crummy they may have been , the creators, and a lengthy interview with Max Baer, plus an episode guide and tons of photographs If you re a fan of The Beverly Hillbillies, or just classic TV in gerenal, it s worth picking up. I like to read about the behind the scenes making of my favorite shows and the real life people behind the characters This book doesn t dissapoint and Max Baer is very candid in his interview Did you know that not many people could tolerate the real Mr Drysdale or that Granny liked her scotch in the afternoon. A behind the scenes look at the making of the popular television show features interviews with its stars, trivia, and a discussion of the making of the movie

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