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Halloween Night My Halloween story loving 4 year old son loves this book But it freaks him out just a little Freaks my 3 year old out even But they still like to read it The story is kind of creepy with REAL ghouls and ghosts and body part pictures Illustrated, of course, but still kind of creepy The story is fun, though, and the pictures are great My kids really enjoy reading this It s just that in a lot of Halloween stories, the ghouls, ghosts, and goblins turn out to be people dressed up like them, or they end with everyone getting along At the end of this book, the kids run away scared to death, while the scary guys end their party.Soooooo, the moral of this story is This book is kind of creepy, but fun for older kids Twas Halloween Night, Tand All Through The House, Every Creature Was Stirring, Including The Mouse The Witch Is Cooking Banshees Are Singing The Goody Bags Are Oozing With Ooey, Gooey Snacks Everyone S Warming Up For The Best Halloween Party Ever Get Ready For A Frighteningly Fun Time, Because You Re Invited My 4 year old is obsessed with Halloween and it s creatures He loves this book and loves the details If your child is easily scared they might get a little freaked out by this book but the story is great My son constantly wants to read it over and over. This is such a cool book It s a really neat simple story that doesn t get in the way of the illustrations, where there s so much going on in a great way It gives you that hectic chaotic joyful feeling of Halloween to see all the different kinds of ghoulish messing around and partying Very cool. Written in the same format as Clements Twas The Night Before Christmas A clever rendition with great illustrations and enjoyable for kids of all ages The often you read it, the the kids can recite its lines They anticipate the next page s and really get a kick out of the story line Halloween is such a great night for reading up to the night the witches take flight Enjoy this treat with your kids and grand kids Save this book so one day you can read it to your kids can read it to theirs Such sweet, sweet memories And to all a good night Very well illustrated, my 5 year old son really likes this book. I really enjoy reading them to my toddler It s a long poem like Twas the night before Christmas The words flow very nicely and rhyme properly The art is really high quality and full page My only complaint is that the book dimensions are so large it s a bit clumsy to hold or fit in the bookcase.

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