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How to be Famous: The laugh-out-loud Richard & Judy Book Club bestseller to read this summer Lo que aporta Moran con su humor sin ambages es algo que necesit bamos Su narrativa se adapta al ritmo de una cr tica sin sarcasmos ni m scaras, donde reclama el lugar que le pertenece a la mujer en un lugar construido por el patriarcado Sin lecciones moralistas ni rega onas propias de la rabia feminista comprensible , la autora sabe construir personajes llenos de vida, y sumergirte en el boom del Brit Pop.Recomiendo leer sus anteriores obras tanto como esta simp tica historia, con toques autobiogr ficos, de la que es sin duda una de las mejores periodistas de Reino Unido. First off yes, there s a fair bit in here that s recycled from various columns of Caitlin s, and a few turns of phrase of which she s obviously fond appear in different forms But reading this made me feel visceral hatred on behalf of Dolly, towards everyone who was awful to her annoyance TOWARDS Dolly, for trying to quietly swallow the pain rather than fighting it, before I remembered she was nineteen and still building herself, and absolute joy at the descriptions of the necessity of teenage girls to success The direct observation of how they re constantly put down just for being who they are struck home for me, sending me back in time a decade to when I was one of them And the incredible solution Dolly hits upon to solve her problem, the sheer ballsyness of it, had me cheering.Also, in the last book, Caitlin wrote bad sex very well and does it again this time but in this one too, there is good sex, and joyful sex, lovingly rendered I read this book and then read it again immediately after, wanting to ride the highs and lows with Dolly once again I adored it, and I do reccomend it to any blooming teenage girl so they can see how they deserve to be treated. A few months ago I picked up Caitlin Moran s How to Be a Girl off my bookshelf to read It had been languishing there for about a year and a half and so I decided to give it a read I was angry at myself afterwards because I bloody loved it I can t believe I had not read it yet The only good thing about this was that I didn t have to wait long for the sequel How to Be Famous to be published Hurrah.I pre ordered How to Be Famous and waited patiently for my postman to deliver it and whilst I had promised myself that I could read it over the summer when I was off work I just couldn t wait and I started it immediately.And you know what I bloody loved this book too.In the further adventures of Dolly Wilde we see a grown up if not really mature young lady now living in London We watch as Dolly makes mistakes on the path to finding herself We also see her become staunchly feminist and we watch as she sets about trying to change the music industry from inside out.Dolly Wilde is still the loveable sometimes hapless protagonist that we have come to love but this time we see her become independent There were times when I had to close the book because sadly Dolly was doing things that I know once I had read about them I couldn t unread That is the power of Caitlin Moran She made me care for Dolly Wilde as if she was a real person, as if she was my friend.I cannot praise How to Be a Girl and How to Be Famous any higher than I have They are both contenders for my favourite book of the year I wish there were books of this calibre available to young women today.How to Be Famous by Caitlin Moran is available now. Stupidly, I d listened to other people who told me that because I d read the non fiction How to be a Woman that I needn t bother with the two novels by Caitlin Moran.I spent a good deal of the mid nineties in Camden, where most of this book is set, and I had a huge rush of nostalgia whilst reading In this book, we witness the continuing adventures of Dolly Wilde Johanna as she tries to make it as a music journalist and starts her sexual adventures The book is funny and moving with one of the best endings to a novel that I ve ever read and acts as a a sexual manifesto for young women in their late teens and early twenties.This book is much like being taken by the hand by an older, and much cooler, sister and I wish I d been able to read it at that age. Every bit as enthralling and funny as How to build a Girl, this is another superb read Dolly Jo s adventures in the music and magazine industry continue, during the heady mid 90s and it pretty much is sex, no drugs and rock n roll Blistering, essential stuff. Caitlin Moran has an amazing turn of phrase and the message of this book is important that young women are often exploited and degraded for men s pleasure and when you re a young woman you kind of accept it But it s not OK.Just far too fluffy and self indulgent about rock n roll lifestyle that didn t really exist at that age I m a few years younger than Moran, but only a few Take with a pinch of salt and enjoy the dialogue but don t expect any wild revelations. I loved the time this book was set amongst the breakout of Britpop with all the nostalgic references that took me back to that time The story is of Johanna Morrigan who is a young female writer at a music paper in London She is clearly a talented writer who is still to discover the sort of person she wants to become whilst working in a male chauvinistic industry This book catalogues that journey cleverly and with hysterical stories along the way However it is also incredibly moving and thought provoking I loved it and will soon be downloading the prequel How to be a Girl. Johanna Morrigan tornata Circa tre anni dopo le vicende di How To Build A Girl, ritroviamo la protagonista in un nuovo scenario vive definitivamente a Londra e ha ormai il lavoro avviato presso la rivista di musica D ME Johanna, per , sta crescendo ha diciannove anni e comincia a mettere in discussione il suo ambiente di lavoro cos come anche le sue esperienze sociali e sessuali.Non voglio fare spoiler quindi non mi addentrer ulteriormente nella trama ma devo dire che si trattata di una lettura molto piacevole, anche illuminante in numerosi punti fa riflettere molto sulla visione della donna e sulla visione che la donna ha delle sue relazioni personali e professionali o almeno delle aspettative instaurate dalla societ Non a caso, Caitlin Moran molto attiva nel campo del femminismo.Gi dalla copertina in foto si pu evincere che uno dei concetti affrontati quello delle fan teenagers, le ragazzine urlanti che molto, molto spesso trattiamo io per prima con superficialit e superiorit e che ci portano anche a sminuire a priori l artista che seguono Proprio per questo nel libro ho trovato interessante la prospettiva con cui vengono esaminate.Lo sfondo con Londra e la scena britpop rende il tutto ancora pi piacevole.Ora bisogna aspettare How To Change The World, il libro che chiuder la trilogia, per conoscere il destino di Johanna, la sua famiglia, John Kite e tutti gli interessanti personaggi introdotti o approfonditi in questo secondo volume. Loved the first book in this series, but this sequel is not great The widely noted transfer of metoo themes to the Britpop era is anachronistic and clunkily done, but isn t really the problem with this book.The problem is that whole chapters are just essays and article wrapped loosely in a narrative In one instance, even this pretence is dropped and one character writes a letter to another that is just a Caitlin Moran magazine article minus the byline.Caitlin Moran writes brilliantly about sex, but this does not mean she is a good writer of erotic fiction and when this book veers towards that territory, it s pretty cringey. The Sunday Times Bestselling Richard Judy Book Club Favourite Being Moran, The Jokes And One Liners Fizz And Crackle Off The Page Richard S Review As Usual, Moran Writes Fearlessly, Openly, Honestly And Incredibly Funnily About Sex Especially Bad Sex Judy S Review___________________________I M Johanna Morrigan It S 1995 I M Nineteen And I Live In The Epicentre Of Britpop Parklife My Unrequited Love, John Kite, Is Busy With A Number One Album, World Tour, Drugs, And A Nervous Breakdown.So, I Ve Started Hanging Out With Hot Young Comedian Jerry Sharp Big Mistake He S A Vampire, My Friend Suzanne Warns One Of Those Men Who Destroys Bright Young Girls Also, He S A Total Dick Unfortunately, I Ve Already Had Sex With Him Bad Sex And Now, I M One Of The Girls He Is Trying To Destroy I Know I Have To Stop Him But How Does One Girl Fight A Famous, Powerful Man A Novel About Friendship, Feminism And Finding Your Place In The World

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the How to be Famous: The laugh-out-loud Richard & Judy Book Club bestseller to read this summer book, this is one of the most wanted Caitlin Moran author readers around the world.

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