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Catch-22: 50th Anniversary Edition Explosive, Subversive, Wild And Funny, Years On The Novel S Strength Is Undiminished Reading Joseph Heller S Classic Satire Is Nothing Less Than A Rite Of PassageSet In The Closing Months Of World War II, This Is The Story Of A Bombardier Named Yossarian Who Is Frantic And Furious Because Thousands Of People He Has Never Met Are Trying To Kill Him His Real Problem Is Not The Enemy It Is His Own Army Which Keeps Increasing The Number Of Missions The Men Must Fly To Complete Their Service If Yossarian Makes Any Attempts To Excuse Himself From The Perilous Missions Then He Is Caught In Catch If He Flies He Is Crazy, And Doesn T Have To But If He Doesn T Want To He Must Be Sane And Has To That S Some Catch I read this as it was on a list of one of these Books you must read before you dieetc On this list was the likes of Moby Dick, The Count of Monte Cristo and On the Road All those books were rewarding in their own way Unfortunately, I can t say the same about Catch 22 I pushed myself to finish it, but it was ultimately unfulfilling.Other than the chapters, Major Major and Mrs Daneeka, the book is a disjointed and rambling and at times it just poorly written, not making any sense I found the Characters two dimensional stereotypes and all the Women are portrayed as Whores Please don t get me started on the historical inaccuracies I know it isn t a factual book, and when it was written in the late fifties and published in early sixties it was a ground breaking work, especially so soon after WWII I also understand that this most likely inspiration for the likes of M A S H and Dr Strangelove with their own take on the ridiculousness of War.The biggest thing is the lack of humour, on so many occasions the not funny joke was repeated again and again just ensure it was never funny in the first place Maybe it is just a book of it s time but that time has passed. This is surely one of the greatest books of all time utterly anarchic How much of it related to reality is a moot point although one can imagine that the American services were somewhat, shall we say, disorganised A great read and one of the few books that produces uncontrolled laughter. I started to read this because i thought i should After several chapter s of nothing happening i checked the reviews to see if I was missing something, I agree with the 8% Unless I m just not clever enough get it, Emperors New clothes if you ask me..

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