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The Bonfire of the Vanities An Exhilarating Satire Of Eighties Excess That Captures The Effervescent Spirit Of New York, From One Of The Greatest Writers Of Modern American ProseSherman McCoy Is A WASP, Bond Trader And Self Appointed Master Of The Universe He Has A Fashionable Wife, A Park Avenue Apartment And A Southern Mistress His Spectacular Fall Begins The Moment He Is Involved In A Hit And Run Accident In The Bronx Prosecutors, Newspaper Hacks, Politicians And Clergy Close In On Him, Determined To Bring Him Down Exuberant, Scandalous And Exceptionally Discerning, The Bonfire Of The Vanities Was Tom Wolfe S First Venture Into Fiction And Cemented His Reputation As The Foremost Chronicler Of His Age The Air Of New York Crackles With An Energy That Causes The Adrenalin To Pump The Feeling Is Perfectly Reproduced In Wolfe S Novel Electric Sunday Times The Quintessential Novel Of The Eighties The Guardian

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    I m only halfway through reading this I find the long descriptive passages covering characters and scenes too much and find I m skimming these paragraphs Wolfe is writing as though he s giving descriptions for movie scenes There is too muc

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    Interesting setting in time mid 80s and so racist in New York Not to blacks alone but overt distinctions made between Irish, Jewish, white WASPS but of course black worse An education in New York at the time.Gripped by Wolfe s ability to show the st

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    I cannot express how happy I am that Vintage have released a number of Wolfe s back catalogue on Kindle I have been checking their status every now and then so when this appeared as a Daily Deal I whooped For those unfamiliar with Wolfe, this is an excellent

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    A book club selection for me.It captures the ethics of the 80s in Wall Street Greed is Good The fashions of the time, massive shoulder pads get a nod.The story improves as you read on A bit ploddy to start with but when all the characters start coming together in the p

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    Read this book years ago and loved it then what did I do lent it to a friend who promised to return it and the book never came back to me surprise surprise anyway over the years I trawled bookshops and charity shops and to no avail but some time ago learned that gives customer

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    I m lucky to read 2 3 books per week, of various genres I ve never left a review before but feel I have to comment this time.I ve never been so baffled bored mystified by a book I hate to give up and battled on for 27%, but then conceded that as I would never get my time back battling on

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    Great book, great seller Book as described I would be happy to purchase again from this seller.

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    A terrific book Kept me enthralled.

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