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Treasure Islands: Tax Havens and the Men who Stole the World Billionaire Warren Buffet, Currently The Third Wealthiest Man In The World, Paid The Lowest Rate Of Tax Among His Office Staff, Including His Receptionist In The World S Three Biggest Banana Companies Did Nearly Million Worth Of Business In Britain But Paid Just , In Tax Between Them In January , US Law Enforcement Fined Lloyds TSB Million After It Admitted Secretly Channelling Iranian And Sudanese Money Into The US Banking System Tax Havens Are The Most Important Single Reason Why Poor People And Poor Countries Stay Poor They Lie At The Very Heart Of The Global Economy, With Over Half The World Trade Processed Through Them They Have Been Instrumental In Nearly Every Major Economic Event, In Every Big Financial Scandal, And In Every Financial Crisis Since The S, Including The Latest Global Economic Downturn In Treasure Islands, Nicholas Shaxson Shows How This Happened, And What This Means For You A Gripping Read An Account Illuminated By Anecdotes That Are Often James Bond Than Eurobond Shaxson Shows Us That The Global Financial Machine Is Broken And That Very Few Of Us Have Noticed New Statesman Excellentbreathtaking And Terrifying Irish Times Perhaps The Most Important Book Published In The UK So Far This Year George Monbiot

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    Have you ever wondered how just after the 2nd World War when Britain was almost bankrupted by the War effort government could afford to set up the NHS, have a massive house building programme, hugely expand

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    Every MP and Senator across the world should be forced, by pain of death, to read this book In fact, it s a must read for everyone frankly The mess we re in now makes sense And the Author has managed to make

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    If anyone ever wanted a starting point about the ills of the world today, this would be it Nicholas Shaxson lays out in easy language all the main players in the structure of Tax Havens worldwide, and backs u

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    This has to probably be the best audio book I have ever listened to.The narration is first class and should be used as a guide for other books on how to read a book.Not only is it a good explanation of how off

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    Just confirms what I ve always suspected, the bankers in collusion with big business are running the world Democracy my ar our elected politicians are all subservient to them don t get me started now Good read

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    Really interesting look at how the masses are being ripped off by the 1% Corporation, wealthy individuals, corrupt officials under our noses for year we have austerity they are living it up by hiding their asset

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    Very depressing read, you realise how the rich avoid paying tax, how criminals collude with politicians and how the rest of us are left paying the bill

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    Fantastic, read it a few years ago now I actually bought two copies and have lent them out and lost both that s how good it is I think I read it early 2011 since when the pressure seems to haverelented somewhat Ha

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