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Stay Alive: (Scope 2) I love Simon Kernick as an author He is among my favourites I discovered him early on when I stumbled on The Murder Exchange, and immediately recognised him as a British crime writer who could genuinely compete with his US counterparts He is the master of the all action page turner Throughout his publishing career of the past decade, he has managed to maintain a really high standard with a style that is gripping and fast paced until now.Stay Alive succeeds in maintaining a good pace and the pages turn easily enough However, this definitely has the feel of a book produced by an author going through the motions in delivering to a pre ordained publishing deadline.Kernick has always been masterful in creating complex characters with many displaying a real mix of moral values and motivations These are characters the reader can easily invest in and run with and it is this emotional investment that can grip you and suck you into the book He also has that ability to maintain credibility in plotlines despite some often aggressive storylines and plot development These are precisely the elements that were missing from this book.The characters are the personification of cliche, the plotline lacks credibility and there is no real effort to develop any real dimension to the key players involved The hero brings a reprise for Glenn Scopeland, the Die Hard star of Siege, but even here there is no attempt to introduce him with any of his back story.No, I m afraid this one is a disappointment and the first in my view I can forgive Kernick for this and I will definitely be back for the next one.However, I hope he gives himself enough time to bring ALL of abilities and crime novel creativity to his next one He is a far better author than this factory line assembly piece would suggest. 3.5 I enjoyed this so I was surprised at some of the poorer ratings and reviews I like this author so I bought the book without reading the reviews and it is only now that I have read them I am glad I didn t before, because normally they would make me think hard about buying a book.There was enough tension in this story for me and I read it in two sittings as I needed to know how it would end I liked the character Scope and he is also in the book Siege I didn t count the bullets like some reviewers did, because I was engrossed in the action, and that was good enough for me. If you enjoy reading Simon Kernick Books you ll really enjoy this I personally couldn t put it down although I did feel as though I had an idea of who had done it halfway through but loved reading it One bit of advice is if you haven t read Wrong Place Wrong Time you should before reading this I m not going to tell what the story is about otherwise it will be spoilt as so many of the review tells what happens and I find that spoils my enjoyment Personally I cant wait for Simon to write stories as never want to finish the book For a good, fast moving, spicy story, tinged with the macabre, I would recommend this book All Simon Kernick books are worth a read Set in England a good drama Bad men against the saviour hero Obviously a bit lighter than Michael Connelly, probably similar to Peter James But don t let the lighter put you off to me it is far better than the Myron Bolitar series by Harlen Coben Myron Bolitar is just a bit silly. Amanda Rowan is a witness to her husband s murder as well as his lover, she rebuilds her life after this tragic event A serial killer being hunted called The Disciple is believed by police to be the suspect, the murders bear the hallmarks of his gruesome torture techniques and signature wall paintings that go with the death of his victims.The police are on alert, looking for clues and DNA to find out who The Disciple is in order to catch him and stop his murdering rampage.Thereafter comes a complex storyline of Amanda escaping an attempted abduction and fleeing for her life in the woods of Scotland This is where many characters start to come into play in the book and the plot focuses strongly on the chase to come Amanda is not alone in the woods, innocent people have got caught up in the hunt for her I was completely engrossed in the book and loved the story It is a very good read, this was my first of Simon Kernick s books, can t wait to read of them. The Gripping New Race Against Time Thriller By The Best Selling Author Of Relentless, The Last 10 Seconds,Siege And Ultimatum.ONE WITNESSYou Re On A Trip With Your Family, Miles From Anywhere A Shot Rings Out And Your Whole Life Changes In An Instant.ONE SECRETA Woman Is Racing Towards You, Chased By Three Gunmen Although You Don T Know It, She Harbours A Deadly Secret She S In Terrible Danger And Now You Are Too NO ESCAPEYou Re Running, Terrified, Desperate To Find Safety You Know That The Men Hunting You Have Killed Before And If They Catch You, You Ll Be Next Brilliant Sunday Mirror Hang On Tight Harlen Coben

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Stay Alive: (Scope 2) book, this is one of the most wanted Simon Kernick author readers around the world.

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