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Green Hills of Africa (Arrow Classic) Its ok as a piece of writing but rather dismaying vis a vis descriptions of pointless and destructive big game hunts E.g he shoots a rhino and is initially very pleased with his good shot and congratulations received Then almost immediately discovers another guy has just shot a way bigger rhino He is then utterly consumed with feelings of envy and concern for his image reputation because his rhino kill now seems pointless Pointless only in terms of it adding nothing to his standing or ego not a moment s thought as to the rights or wrongs of the casual destruction of animal life Different times. Gave it a very good chance i.e read a quarter of it, found it boring and highly pretentious Maybe it is a testament to his writing that a book about the incomprehensible subject of big game hunting, with a cast of unpleasant characters who possess few redeeming features was actually quite a good read.I like the way he writes dialogue, however, not being well versed in Hemingway s books I can t say if this is one of his better works although I have a feeling it is probably not.An interesting read, but with far less description of the landscape, countryside and local people than I expected. A non fictional account of Hemingway s African safari in 1933 this book explores relationships and emotions in the safari group and conveys the excitement of the hunt As ever, Hem s writing draws you in until you re almost sweating with him amidst the trees, desperate to get bag the largest game of the group You get some insight into the emotions that drove the author, and he conveys very well the intensity and feelings of a safari well, I guess he does this well, as I ve never been on one Did not get a 5, as there are superior works in the Hemingway canon. You can certainly see Hemingway here in Africa It is really fact or just what Hemingway would have liked to have done Ok Lovely book, perfect for Christmas presents I remember seeing the lion looking yellow and heavy headed and enormous against a scrubby looking tree in a patch of orchard bush and P O M kneeling to shoot him Then there was the short barrelled explosion of the Mannlicher and the lion was going to the left on a run, a strange, heavy shouldered, foot swinging cat run I hit him with the Springfield and he went down Returning to his love of the African continent and its wildlife, Hemingway captures brilliantly the thrill and excitement of the hunt for big game In some of the most vivid, intense and evocative travel writing, and memoir of his career, he describes the vastness of Africa and the brutality of its sports , showing even in this slim volume why he was one of the great American writers of the twentieth century I read this book in an attempt to understand the motivations of the safari hunters of the 20th century After travellling through Kenya and being overwhelmed by the beauty and drama of the safari animals, I wanted to know about why so many Western men were seduced by the idea of killing them Unfortunately Hemingway in this book doesn t provide many answers apart from a predictable desire for an image of tough masculinity While it contains some great lyrical descriptions, the book quickly becomes simply a list of his triumphs killings and his petty competitiveness with other males in the pursuit of trophies It does not compare with other Hemingway texts but is still worth the read. There is much great writing in Green Hills of Africa It is Hemingway after all But the targeted slaughter of beautiful animals only the biggest and the best of a species made me wonder less about the allure of big game trophy hunting and about the pathology of it.

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