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A Second Course in Stochastic Processes Karlin and Taylor wrote a classic text on stochastic processes in their A First Course in Stochastic Processes The second edition of that text was published in 1975.This sequel came out in 1981 It is not only a second course but it is also intended as a second volume on a larger course in stochastic processes The authors show that they are continuing from the first course by picking up with Chapter 10 after the first book ended with Chapter 9 Many of the topics in the first book are continued in this text including Markov chains and Diffusions Heavy emphasis is placed on point processes and their applications including Poisson and compound Poisson processes, population growth models and queueing processes. This Second Course Continues The Development Of The Theory And Applications Of Stochastic Processes As Promised In The Preface Of A First Course We Emphasize A Careful Treatment Of Basic Structures In Stochastic Processes In Symbiosis With The Analysis Of Natural Classes Of Stochastic Processes Arising From The Biological, Physical, And Social Sciences No other substitute , best book for referencing I love it I used this book as reference when I taught Rick Durrett s book I like the chapter on diffusion process, which is very well written

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