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iOS Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide (Big Nerd Ranch Guides) The short review TL,DR If you re starting out in iOS development, this book is worth the investment There are many useful chapters that provide a good foundation to the world of iOS development.Although I do recommend this book for anyone new to iOS, I would not recommend it to anyone new to programming or new to Swift If you re altogether new to programming, you should look elsewhere If you re new to Swift, Big Nerd Ranch BNR has a book on Swift I haven t read it, but it s probably pretty decent Back when I was learning Swift, I used Apple s own The Swift Programming Language in iBooks It s free and it s very good In any case, I would recommend spending at least a couple of days to a week learning Swift before getting into this book.I have previous editions of this book going back to the first I haven t checked, but my memory of them is that they went into detail of the how s and why s of doing things in iOS To be sure, this 5th edition does too, but somewhat less so.Two examples of this are 1 In chapter 17 Touch Events and UIResponder all the code for the entire chapter is put into the view, and absolutely none placed in the view controller This differs from the rest of the book, but they never mention why they do it that way One answer is reusability, and there are articles about it on the internet, but my point is that this was a missed opportunity to discuss important architectural issues 2 In a few places, the authors guide the reader to creating IBOutlets for views The typical method is by control dragging from the view to the source code file A dialog pops up, and one of the choices is to create a weak or strong reference The book states that strong should be selected, but never explains why Now maybe it s because the old days of retain you will instantiate an NSFetchRequest, giving it the Photo entity name Then you will give the fetch request an array of NSSortDescriptor instances For Photorama, this array will contain a single sort descriptor that sorts photos by their dateTaken properties Finally, you will ask the managed object context to execute this fetch request.It s just too much at once When they write the 6th edition, I hope they retool these chapters.Generally speaking, BNR produces high quality work The previous editions of this book have been very good This edition has its issues, but I still recommend it except for the Core Data section, the rest of the book is useful and instructive I also especially like the challenges at the end of each chapter, which suggest improvements you can make to the app you just created Also, I should mention that I ve traded a few emails with Christian Keur, and he was very responsive and helpful.All in all, this book gets a thumbs up from me. This book is returned, as I am not aware of that now using swift in the latest version I give 5 star just because the previous book Objective C is a good one 5 star is Not a reference on this version It is better to be aware that new version change from Objective C to Swift. This book is exactly what I was looking for I m relatively new to swift but I also have a decent grasp of object oriented programming, so in my case, I wasn t looking for a top to bottom explanation of how programming works If you ARE new to programming, then I d go with the Swift Programming book by Big Nerd Ranch What I needed was something that would present the important iOS concepts and briefly glaze over some of the nuances of swift This book does just that.The authors clearly know how to teach this subject because the material flows very naturally They slowly introduce the reader to different aspects of iOS development, that you never feel confused or overwhelmed In addition, everything is articulated and explained really well I ve tried a few other resources following tutorials and listening to lectures online but nothing has felt nearly as effective as this Partly because the book does a good job of maintaining a balance of teaching you new ideas while also having you apply them first hand This method of learning is generally much engaging since you re presented with concepts as you need them while building apps in different chapters of the book.That said, I can t recommend this book enough If you want to learn the ins and outs of developing your own app, this book is a must. I am a novice iOS programmer and I find this book really useful to learn the concepts I could follow the book very well, until I got to the Web Services and Core Data Chapters Especially Chapter 21 on Core Data was the hardest one to follow It seems there are a lot of concepts on Core Data that need to be understood, but the author has rushed into developing a fairly complex application in a short chapter I hope they improve on it in the future Overall however, I am highly satisfied with this book and would highly recommend it for learning iOS programming using Swift For anyone wanting to learn iOS programming, but feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of resources out there, look no further.The authors of this book do a great job of introducing core iOS programming techniques, concepts, and frameworks to beginner intermediate programmers All of this is done by way of building actual apps with explanations along the way so the learning is hands on rather than concept driven While no means comprehensive, it s a great starting point to branch off into complex iOS subjects.The tutorials are taught in Swift, but this doesn t teach the Swift language There is a separate book for that which is also great I might add. This book was written for Swift 2 and Swift 3 was released shortly after I started working with the book That makes following the instructor a little difficult.However, it is still a great book.I was disappointed, however, that Big Nerd Ranch is not going to provide code corrections to the Swift 3 migration Instead, it will be necessary to buy the sequel to this book, which won t be released until December. This book is like an Xcode very limited iOS Cookbook in swift because that s what it is.It lacks A chapter in networkingA chapter in App storeA chapter in creating a developer account.Loads of explanations.A chapter in Push notificacions.I feel I ve been scammed its cost. IOS Programming The Big Nerd Ranch Guide Leads You Through The Essential Concepts, Tools, And Techniques For Developing IOS Applications After Completing This Book, You Will Have The Know How And The Confidence You Need To Tackle IOS Projects Of Your Own Based On Big Nerd Ranch S Popular IOS Bootcamp Course And Its Well Tested Materials And Methodology, This Bestselling Guide Teaches IOS Concepts And Coding In Tandem The Result Is Instruction That Is Relevant And Useful Throughout The Book, The Authors Explain What S Important And Share Their Insights Into The Larger Context Of The IOS Platform You Get A Real Understanding Of How IOS Development Works, The Many Features That Are Available, And When And Where To Apply What You Ve Learned

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