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Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable You Re Either A Purple Cow Or You Re Not You Re Either Remarkable Or Invisible Make Your ChoiceWhat Do Apple, Starbucks, Dyson And Pret A Manger Have In Common How Do They Achieve Spectacular Growth, Leaving Behind Former Tried And True Brands To Gasp Their Last The Old Checklist Of P S Used By Marketers Pricing, Promotion, Publicity Aren T Working Any The Golden Age Of Advertising Is Over It S Time To Add A New P The Purple CowPurple Cow Describes Something Phenomenal, Something Counterintuitive And Exciting And Flat Out Unbelievable In His New Bestseller, Seth Godin Urges You To Put A Purple Cow Into Everything You Build, And Everything You Do, To Create Something Truly Noticeable It S A Manifesto For Anyone Who Wants To Help Create Products And Services That Are Worth Marketing In The First Place

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    Again Seth takes 1 message stop advertising, start innovating and turns it into a book most of the text is bulked out as filler and it s a really boring read Tribes was the same, boring as hell 1 point This is an blog post, not a book.

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    Purple Cow can be read in one sitting, it s that short and that fast paced Sometimes I felt it was too short though, especially during case studies and examples, where the author could have gone into much deeper analysis about his Purple Cow theory Some chapters are literally just three paragraphs long.At times, the book felt dated, especially the chapter about Nokia and Motorola being the kings of the cellphone industry and how cellphones are not exciting any It s scary how fast some

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    As always Seth Godin inspires with this book too Social Media has and is revolutionizing the world, it allows everyone to express their uniqueness to the world In this book Godin explains being weird in your own way allows you to join a tribe of like minded people scattered all over the world We are no longer going to be classified by nationalities but by tribesthe craft beer tribe, the herbal medicine tribe, the raw food tribe, the Manchester United fan club tribe, etc.This is a great insig

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    The Purple Cow was recommended to me by a friend who was raving about it I didn t get into it until page 40 After that it just kinda took off This book is not necessarily for people who don t have the first idea about marketing, but it does give the entrepreneur business person some food for thought about how to make their business remarkable And as a UK reader, some of the companies mentioned didn t do a thing for me, but I had to get past all that to get the real meaning, hence the 4 stars.Despi

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    Let s get things clear from the start, the idea behind the book is a great one Probably so now than when the book was first written This is a long essay rather than a full in depth text book and in my mind all the better for it The points are set out in short, easy to read, sections not chapters and it makes for a book that you can read easily whilst grabbing a coffee, sitting on the train, etc without having to go back over several pages to remind of the idea that Seth is communicating What does let t

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    Love Seth s work and this book is brilliant It s simple and straight to the point and gets you thinking on each chapter The message is ingrained in me when thinking of my next business move and marketing methods Thanks Seth

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    Unpopular opinion maybe, but I feel like the message is already too outdated You d need to extrapolate the concepts and adapt everything to current markets.

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    This for me is one of the best marketing books written Simple, no jargon and an easy read Yet it makes the key point of good marketing stand out from the crowd I must have bought 30 copies to give to clients all loved it Its style was the basis of my book Ethical Marketing Ethical Marketing and the New Consumer Marketing in the New Ethical Economy easy to read, full of useful information and challenging Short sections and to the point Having read so many turgid, dull, waffle packed and dull academic marketing books over

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