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The World According to Clarkson Firstly I have to begin this review by saying I absolutely love Jeremy Clarkson I love his to the point style, and the fact he doesn t give a hoot what anyone thinks, he will just give his view on something Usually whilst making me laugh for a good few minutes I think he is great on Top Gear However, I must say I was quite disappointed in this book Although some of the articles were laugh out loud funny, as a whole it wasn t quite as humourous or as interesting as I d expected from him and, by the end, it was becoming almost a chore to finish the book.A word of warning most of the articles were written over ten years ago about news events at the time Some of them are still relevant but others you will read and think things have progressed a bit since then.I would recomment this book only to the most die hard Clarkson fan, and even then, it s best to dip in and out of this book rather than read huge chunks at a time, otherwise you may find yourself suffering from Clarkson fatigue.That said, I would give one of his recent books a go. In a section of this book, Clarkson tells us that he cannot believe how fast time passes as we get older I agree And I could not believe how quickly the back cover of this excellent book was approaching as I was reading it As one who can normally make a book last until the end of time, I was amazed at how quickly I got through this one The fact is that it is almost impossible to put it down once you start to read it Page after side splitting page, chapter after hilarious chapter, this was the best book I have read in a long time A compilation of his Sunday Times articles from a few years ago, he expresses opinions with the subtlety of a bulldozer in a style that will have you in fits of laughter, unless you happen to be from Wales, Belgium or Surrey Foxes in particular are likely to be offended but for the rest of us, this was a damn good read Don t get me wrong, I don t agree with everything he writes But then, it is in such a tongue in cheek style that I doubt if even he does entirely Nevertheless, if you like your humour to be non pc, irreverant, satirical, bold and, of course, slightly overweight, then this is the book for you Truly magnificent I bought this as an impulse off here it was just under a pound, so at that price its well worth a try And what a bargain it was I ll admit, I ve always had mixed opinions about the man himself sometimes he can a little too far with his jokes and the likes of Top Gear, and obvious set ups Taking and M 16 rifle on a carvan holiday but netherless, his book shows the side of him I like, picking out the dubious, stupid, funny, and downright clueless things he see s in our society The book is basically just his columns from The Telegraph from about 2001 onwards, but its an easy read not just because of it humerous content, and ideas that make you go Yeah, I thought that but because the story s have the length of articles, it means you won t be putting the book mark in the middle of one of his rants.He has some fine laugh out loud ideas, as well as the realistic options, that cover I wide range of issues what he s seen on his travels in europe, laws, people, you name it And the book doesnt scrounge on the pages too, so you ll be reading it for a long time Great read highly reccomended, whether your a young adult, or a middle aged grump like Clarkson himself at times Jeremy Clarkson receives an awful lot of bad press for being opinionated and crass, but like any schoolboy mentality, the attention you lavish, the they crave it So his rants and raves on the health and safety geeks in their jumpers and cravats are to be expected really, and in an age where many think that common sense has been outlawed, Clarkson s articles in the Sunday Times come as welcome relief.This book is a collection of articles from several years ago, so if you are an avid reader of his columns, then you might be wasting your time On the other hand you might find the content a bit dated Having said that if you like a bit of recent history, don t mind taking your mind back a few years, then this will bring a smile to your face The subject matter is varied and the opinions are always extreme, but the articles are always short and sweet, but most importantly, they are funny In his middle aged way, he pretends to not understand the world to get a laugh, but when there s a subject he cares about, he really goes for it, and you come away thinking y know, he s got a point there And then you curse yourself for agreeing with him. The book itself is great and I ve really enjoyed A bit irritated with the conditionWhen I ordered this product, I was assured that the condition was good When product arrived their were coffee stains sticking the outside cover to the actual book Not what I would call good The book itself is readable, but not what I expected. Jeremy Clarkson Shares His Opinions On Just About Everything In The World According To Clarkson Jeremy Clarkson Has Seen Rather Of The World Than Most He Has, As They Say, Been Around A Bit And As A Result, He S Got One Or Two Things To Tell Us About How It All Works And Being Jeremy Clarkson He S Not About To Voice Them Quietly, Humbly And Without Great Dollops Of HumourInThe World According To Clarkson, He Reveals Why It Is That Too Much Science Is Bad For Our Health S Rock Music Is Nothing To Be Ashamed OfHunting Foxes While Drunk And Wearing Night Sights Is Neither Big Nor CleverWe Must Work Harder To Get Rid Of CricketHe Likes The Germans Well, Sometimes With A Strong Dose Of Common Sense That Is Rarely, If Ever, Found Inside The M, Clarkson Hilariously Attacks The Pompous, The Ridiculous, The Absurd And The Downright Idiotic, Whilst Also Celebrating The Eccentric, The Clever And The Sheer Bloody BrilliantLess A Manifesto For Living And A Road Map To Modern Life, The World According To Clarkson Is The Funniest Book You Ll Read This Year Don T Leave Home Without It

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