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The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism Many books can just be dismissed as conspiracy theory Even many good books get that thrown at them from their detractors just to lump them together with crap books by nutters and looneys Klein doesn t try to show any sort of hidden group of people in secret rooms who mumble strange mantras together, but highlights various political figures and events, from Pinochet s Chile through Reagan and Thatcher, to Iraq, and shows a common ethos and philosophy that will shock you There are some links between these people but not like they all belong to some secret club Their agendas just happen to be from the same mindset and political stable.If you re hunting for the Illuminati, go find another book This is just real politics, and stranger and worse than any conspiracy I ve come across Fairly easy to read, too. Around The World In Britain, The United States, Asia And The Middle East, There Are People With Power Who Are Cashing In On Chaos Exploiting Bloodshed And Catastrophe To Brutally Remake Our World In Their Image They Are The Shock DoctorsExposing These Global Profiteers, Naomi Klein Discovered Information And Connections That Shocked Even Her About How Comprehensively The Shock Doctors Beliefs Now Dominate Our World And How This Domination Has Been Achieved Raking In Billions Out Of The Tsunami, Plundering Russia, Exploiting Iraq This Is The Chilling Tale Of How A Few Are Making A Killing While Are Getting Killed Packed With Thinking Dynamite A Book To Be Read Everywhere John Berger If You Only Read One Non Fiction Book This Year, Make It This OneMetro Books Of The Year There Are A Few Books That Really Help Us Understand The Present The Shock Doctrine Is One Of Those Books John Gray, Guardian A Brilliant Book Written With A Perfectly Distilled Anger, Channelled Through Hard Fact She Has Indeed Surpassed No LogoIndependent Yes a deeply depressing book but a 5 star review But some things are like that If you re the type who prefers blissful ignorance then avoid this book. A very depressing but essential book Naomi Klein has done her research and written a compelling account of how neoloberal economic ideology has shaped much of what has happened in the world since the early 1970s What emerges is frightening but essential to understand if we want to create a fairer society. I do not expect ever to read a better book on economics and politics It is VERY important The style is clear and lucid, masterly It highlights the defects of capitalism, especially the defects of those promolgating it The US, the Chicago Boys and the many dictators, quasi dictators and politicians taken in by them in thousands of cases, all referenced, assembled impeccably and the weight of evidence astronomic The thesis seems to be that many countries of the world have changed their economic arrangements, suddenly, to provide a laissez faire form of capitalism all of it based on the Chicago Boys Milton Friedman, Hayek, Harburger et al This being the perceived ideal form Friedman even got a Nobel for it In every case there was abject failure Overnight all the firms owned by the nations were sold off, invariably to US companies or locals at a thousandth of the actual value in the case of Russia All the normal services having fallen apart because of the shock application of this new politics, there were complaints and even riots These were stopped by the people involved being disappeared loaded into a plane, flown over a wide river and thrown out food forcrocodiles In one such country the deficit before the shock was 3 billion Twenty years later it was 103 billion 5 billion a year, most of it going into the pockets of fat cats, some of them economists favouring the change and big companies like Ford What seems is clear is that laissez faire capitalism is not only theoretically defunct but Arrived early, in good condition This was at times too shocking, neoliberalism is naked money making with tax payers money The tragedy is that this happened at all The misery wrought is sometimes painful to confront that we are willing to let it continue, in most cases because we can t see how to stop it.Well told, chilling and emotionally challaging to read. From the history of psychological torture to the history of torture of nations or history of neoliberalism if you look for the formal term that is At times the book will be very depressive, but I don t think there s any other way for anyone to learn, question, explore or understand the world we live in and just maybe start being hopeful too even if it sounds like a contradiction A must read for everyone, also Klein s writing is very powerful and easy to read as a plus. This book is a must read if you want to know what is going on with the economy and politics today Naomi Klein explains how country after country has been transformed into neo liberal economies, benefiting the wealthy and impoverishing the poor and hat this can only be accomplished using some sort of shock to justify it.Read it and you will understand what is going on with austerity and why our public services are being hollowed out, and why the process has already been discredited.

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism book, this is one of the most wanted Naomi Klein author readers around the world.

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