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And Another Thing: The World According to Clarkson Volume 2: v. 2 Being a Clarkson fan there may not be many I was not surprised by what I read as he is as straightforward in his columns as he is on Top Gear Don t feel that you don t have to buy this book just because it is a compilation of his newspaper columns, it s still a good and enjoyable read. Brought a long time back But an excellent product. His use of language twisted logic is delicious To be able to turn the everyday on its head and poke fun at it all is indeed a gift Very entertaining fun read for those who do not take modern pretentiousness to seriously Can t help liking him ne is so funny, intelligent and makes a very good point About everything Brilliant How can anybody be this miserable and so funny at the same time Loved it Insightful, clever, perspicacious and humorous I don t read the Sunday Times so had not read these articles before I found them very funny with Clarkson daring to say what everybody else thinks Everyone Knows That Jeremy Clarkson Finds The World A Perplexing Place After All, He Wrote A Bestselling Book About It Yet Despite The Appearance Of The World According To Clarkson, Things Don T Seem To Have Improved Much However, Jeremy Is Not Someone To Give Up Easily And He S Decided To Have Another Go In And Another Thing, Our Exasperated Hero Discovers That He Inadvertently Dropped A Bomb On North CarolinaWe Re All Going To Explode At The Age Of Russians Look Bad In Speedos But Not As Bad As We DoNo One Should Have To Worry About Being Bill Oddie S Long Lost SisterHe Should Probably Be Nicer About David BeckhamThigh Slappingly Funny And As Ever In Your Face, Jeremy Clarkson Bursts The Pointless Little Bubbles Of The Idiots While Celebrating The Special, The Unique And The Sheer Bloody Brilliant

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