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Crashed: How a Decade of Financial Crises Changed the World Unlike the other two reviews that this follows, my review is of the book rather than other issues.The book is an incredibly good attempt at a contemporary history of the financial crisis and develops a style and approach common in Dr Tooze s other works This is not about trying to justify one position or another if you want emotional and politically laden account look elsewhere This is a work of history and much the stronger for it.Whilst I am sure that many will look to criticise what is not included, the history of the financial crisis is a history of our contemporary economy and our desire to try and beat our own nature The book is systematic and avoids being overly political in approach whilst highlighting the political and economic impacts which have shaped our world for over a decade.This is simply good history well researched, well written and based on a clear set of opinions it will not confirm your own theories or prejudices but will make you think again about a compelling period in our recent history. Adam Tooze s mind bogglingly comprehensive account of the 10 year economic crash is one of my non fiction books of the year There are no heroes in this story, but plenty of villains and let downs Not only does he explain the crash and its implications better and thoroughly than any account I ve read, he sheds light on matters that have not been much in the public eye.2008 2018 was the time when the world became an outright rivalry between the US and China The hidden fact that the Fed became the lender of last resort to the world, not just the US, and thus, maintained American power when we all thought it was slipping away China, the great stimulator, injected trillions into their economy to keep things buoyant and came out on top Obama proved half good, saving the economy and General Motors but failed to stimulate the economy enough or help those who got fleeced in the mortgage crisis He has fallen in my estimation, but not as low as the EU No doubt Obama s inaction and Republican intransigence fuelled the Trump surge No wonder the Democrats lost, is all I can say after reading this Trump may be an idiot, but what does that make the Democrats Weak Tone deaf Elitists The EU s dreadful performance after the crash comes into focus, especially the Germans and Merkel The move to austerity, which they lead, created unbelievable damage to the EU project, and particularly to Greece, Ireland and Portugal The ultimate passive aggressive manipulators, the Germans refused to stimulate and decided to tighten belts, not just the belts of their country, but of the Eurozone The misery this created is staggering The rise of the Tories in Britain made this even worse it eventually infected the US So rather than boost recovery, we had a damp squib that rescued the banks, made the rich, richer and left everyone else to dangle.Tooze is not neutral He is a Krugman follower, as am I, and he lands heavy blows on the awful Merkel, Cameron, Trump and even the less than perfect Obama Globalisation is not what I thought It is complex and nuanced than I imagined Nationalism is the politics of defeat, that is certain not just for Putin and the Far Right, but for a fallen Europe, a disgraced America and a rotten developing world Unless we re careful, the 21st Century really will be the century of China with the rest of the world digging themselves a great big hole to jump into.Essential reading for those who don t mind 600 pages of detailed economic analysis well written, sometimes dry and analytical but gets to the heart of things with surgical skill Masterful. This is an economic history, which distinguishes itself from most other books about the GFC and the EU crisis by placing events in a broader geopolitical and historical context And what a fascinating, superbly written and eye opening read it is I don t think it s entirely impartial the author is not shy about being judgemental and I sense that as he shares my own liberal sensibilities we might both be guilty of missing some useful perspectives But I highly recommend it, as a deeply researched analysis of how global politics and finance intersect, a beautifully marshalled series of complex arguments and a totally engrossing read. Winner Of The 2019 Lionel Gelber Prize Majestic, Informative And Often Delightful Insights On Every Page Yanis Varoufakis, ObserverThe Definitive History Of The Great Financial Crisis, From The Acclaimed Author Of The Deluge And The Wages Of Destruction In September 2008 The Great Financial Crisis, Triggered By The Collapse Of Lehman Brothers, Shook The World A Decade Later Its Spectre Still Haunts Us As The Appalling Scope And Scale Of The Crash Was Revealed, The Financial Institutions That Had Symbolised The West S Triumph Since The End Of The Cold War, Seemed Through Greed, Malice And Incompetence To Be About To Bring The Entire System To Its Knees. Crashed Is A Brilliantly Original And Assured Analysis Of What Happened And How We Were Rescued From Something Even Worse But At A Price Which Continues To Undermine Democracy Across Europe And The United States Gnawing Away At Our Institutions Are The Many Billions Of Dollars Which Were Conjured Up To Prevent Complete Collapse Over And Over Again, The End Of The Crisis Has Been Announced, But It Continues To Hound Us Whether In Greece Or Ukraine, Whether Through Brexit Or Trump Adam Tooze Follows The Trail Like No Previous Writer And Has Written A Book Compelling As History, As Economic Analysis And As Political Horror Story.

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