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Dracula Part Of Penguin S Beautiful Hardback Clothbound Classics Series, Designed By The Award Winning Coralie Bickford Smith, These Delectable And Collectible Editions Are Bound In High Quality Colourful, Tactile Cloth With Foil Stamped Into The Design When Jonathan Harker Visits Transylvania To Help Count Dracula With The Purchase Of A London House, He Makes A Series Of Horrific Discoveries About His Client Soon Afterwards, Various Bizarre Incidents Unfold In England An Apparently Unmanned Ship Is Wrecked Off The Coast Of Whitby A Young Woman Discovers Strange Puncture Marks On Her Neck And The Inmate Of A Lunatic Asylum Raves About The Master And His Imminent Arrival In Dracula, Bram Stoker Created One Of The Great Masterpieces Of The Horror Genre, Brilliantly Evoking A Nightmare World Of Vampires And Vampire Hunters And Also Illuminating The Dark Corners Of Victorian Sexuality And Desire.

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    You know that scene in a horror movie when it gets dark and ominous music begins to play and you know that at any moment the killer is going to suddenly appear and murder everyone in a horrible fashion That intense build up, and the anxiety of wondering exactly when you re going to be scared, because you already know it s coming That s this entire book I had to take breaks at times to read some short stories that were a bit lighter, because the unne

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    The story itself is a classic example of horror fiction and needs no description or criticism.However, the editing, formatting, and so called introductions are AWFUL in this edition Character names are misspelled Renfield is called Enfield in the introduction Font size is inconsistent, page breaks are random at times Vlad Tepes, the inspiration for Stoker s antagonist, is called Lad.A great novel ruined by what seems to be a junior high book report for an

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    I have read Dracula before This is not it This book reads like a poor translation from English to some other language and then back to English I only made it through two pages before I just gave up I gave one star because it is not possible to give zero.The first sentence Left Munich at eight 35 P.M., on 1st May, arriving Vienna early next morning need to have arrived at 6 46, however train became an hour overdue.My paperback version reads Left Munich at 8 35 P.M

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    I hear people make references to Dracula and Vlad the Impaler and vampires in general, but I never really understood the sophisticated ones because I had never read the book well now I can say that I HAVE My book arrived in excellent condition better than I expected The cover of this book by Bram Stoker is even beautiful than the pictures show in fact, it is the single most colorful novel on my bookshelf The title letters are raised off of the front cover and are coat

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