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A Clockwork Orange: Restored Edition (Penguin Modern Classics) This is the penguin restored edition First off, it looks and feels good paper quality feels marginally better than most The main selling point is this book has lots of extras at the back, including various commentary works on the book, and helpfully some notes on the text and a nasat glossary.The story itself is remarkably true to the film ok I know the book came first but the film was what made it iconic The nadsat isn t tricky, you can still understand what s going on even if you don t understand particular words and if that bothers you check the glossary and gives a unique flavour to the book The last chapter is wellit divides people I personally think it s better without but Burgess did write it so it does belong as part of the book An interesting read for fans of the film and generally literature for it s nadsat language. In Anthony Burgess s nightmare ultra violent depiction of the future, where criminals take over after dark, the story is told by the central character protagonist, Alex, who talks in a brutal invented slang Nadsat, a fictional register or argot, a form of Russian influenced English that brilliantly renders his and his friends social pathology A Clockwork Orange is a frightening fable about good and evil, and the meaning of human freedom.The use of Nadsat can be relatively confusing for the reader, however, you slowly begin to understand the terminology while progressing through the novel This is an interesting tool as it acts as a buffer for the reader, protecting them from the horror initially and then opening up and divulging the gritty details as the plot develops. This book is incredible The themes of the story are still as relevant as they were then Ethics, morality, choice, are still important topics that are discussed regularly throughout life I m aware of the controversial nature of this book due to the violence that takes place but after reading it, I can t help but wonder if part of the reason it was banned was due to the probably sadly and worryingly quite accurate depiction of governments This is a very thought provoking read The only thing that stopped this from being a 5 star review, was because I really didn t like the ending in the edition I read, which had the famous missing last chapter that isn t in a lot of other editions and, I must say, I wish that chapter had remained missing I thought it brought down the intelligence and grit of the rest of the book. Another book I have read many, many times It posits the argument that the unmaking of a monster can be as bad as the making of one It posits the notion that freedom of choise is sacrosanct I m not sure how much I agree with either position but the book makes a very good, not to mention entertaining, argument that is hard to completely deny Its extremely well written and seems to defy the aging that many books of its time are prone to. In one respect, A Clockwork Orange is of its time Written in 1961 when the teenager as an entity had just come about, complete with its own language, dress code, music and culture the novel deals with this problem , finds a solution and then considers the consequences.The protagonist is an unlikable teenage thug who leads a gang into acts of extreme violence There are no excuses for his behaviour, such as having a dysfunctional or poor family life, he simply enjoys what he does What this means is that I have no sympathy for him He also is quite original in that he likes classical music and has invented a language that he and his friends use, which is a mixture of slang and words taken from Eastern European countries.This invented language leads to two things One is that I struggled to follow the story for a while as the flow was interrupted by having to refer to the glossary far too often, so that in the end I just ploughed through without fully understanding what the word meant Does he have a pain in the stomach or the head Never mind, move on Very frustrating However, this also serves to diminish the impact of the violence, which is very disturbing Flicking to the glossary to find out what has covered the floor certainly disrupts the graphic imagery.The next two parts of the book demonstrate an evergreen theme freewill Should delinquent members of society be forced to conform to the accepted standards by brainwashing or other such programmes, or be allowed to suffer the consequences of their choices organically There are other themes covering good versus evil, man versus machine, man versus government, youth versus maturity, and intellect versus intuition All relevant today.The story is told from the perspective of the protagonist in a lighthearted, frivolous and arrogant manner, suitable for someone capable of such unfeeling brutality against others The style does not connect with the depravity or touch the dark acts in the way many other novels do, so I always felt disconnected from the story Perhaps that is the point Towards the end it also feels as if the author has lost his way a bit, too.A Clockwork Orange certainly has an originality, but as it took me three weeks to read a relatively short book, it suggests I wasn t drawn to the story as much as I expected. Fully Restored Edition Of Anthony Burgess Original Text Of A Clockwork Orange, With A Glossary Of The Teen Slang Nadsat , Explanatory Notes, Pages From The Original Typescript, Interviews, Articles And ReviewsEdited By Andrew Biswell With A Foreword By Martin Amis It Is A Horrorshow Story Fifteen Year Old Alex Likes Lashings Of Ultraviolence He And His Gang Of Friends Rob, Kill And Rape Their Way Through A Nightmarish Future, Until The State Puts A Stop To His Riotous Excesses But What Will His Re Education Mean A Dystopian Horror, A Black Comedy, An Exploration Of Choice, A Clockwork Orange Is Also A Work Of Exuberant Invention Which Created A New Language For Its Characters This Critical Edition Restores The Text Of The Novel As Anthony Burgess Originally Wrote It, And Includes A Glossary Of The Teen Slang Nadsat , Explanatory Notes, Pages From The Original Typescript, Interviews, Articles And Reviews, Shedding Light On The Enduring Fascination Of The Novel S Sweet And Juicy CriminalityAnthony Burgess Was Born In Manchester In And Educated At Xaverian College And Manchester University He Spent Six Years In The British Army Before Becoming A Schoolmaster And Colonial Education Officer In Malaya And Brunei After The Success Of His Malayan Trilogy, He Became A Full Time Writer In His Books Have Been Published All Over The World, And They Include The Complete Enderby, Nothing Like The Sun, Napoleon Symphony, Tremor Of Intent, Earthly Powers And A Dead Man In Deptford Anthony Burgess Died In London In Andrew Biswell Is The Professor Of Modern Literature At Manchester Metropolitan University And The Director Of The International Anthony Burgess Foundation His Publications Include A Biography, The Real Life Of Anthony Burgess, Which Won The Portico Prize In He Is Currently Editing The Letters And Short Stories Of Anthony Burgess

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the A Clockwork Orange: Restored Edition (Penguin Modern Classics) book, this is one of the most wanted Anthony Burgess author readers around the world.

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