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Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters (Book 2) I am 12 years old and am quite an advanced reader, so thought these books would be for younger kids and not for me I fell in love with them The concept of the book is amazing It is about Greek demigods in the modern day, who have to deal with normal problems as teenagers as well as fighting Greek monsters and saving Olympus The books didn t get worse during the series and the characters were relatable and funny and it feels like they are your friends As well as this, since reading these books, I have found I now know tones of stuff about Greek mythology and aced my classics test I have now read the Percy Jackson series, heroes of Olympus series and trials of Apollo series and could not recommend this series enough I absolutely love this book I think its for all ages and it is full of excitement and monster s.I am also a big harry potter fan and if you like harry potter thus book will really suite you.I gave it 5 stars and I can t wait to bread the next book I would also recommend the heroes of Olympus for those books are also amazing to I hope you enjoy is book This book has an excellent storyline and plausible plot The story is based on Percy Jacksons adventure to find the Golden Fleece and use it to heal the Thalia the daughter of Zeus who turned into a tree Percy Jackson sets on a quest to find the fleece but encounters the horrible Cyclops Polyphemus and other monsters on the journey to the finding of the fleece.During this time Percy has to grasp the fact that his brother is a cyclops as well and is called Tyson, Tyson has a huge impact on throughout the story and protects Percy Setting off with Annebeth he encounters the witch Circe who turns into a guinea pig Luckily if his friend had not come to rescue him he would have been stuck in that state for eternity.Excellent book I would definitely recommend this book for all readers it is a brilliant book and I think Riordan is a genius when it comes to writing in Greek mythology. I have just finished reading this second book in the Percy Jackson series to my children They love these books They seriously pester me every night to read to them, which given the number of other distractions and delights available to them in the form of electronic gizmos, is high praise indeed They are never content with just one chapter either, they always clamour for Luckily, reading to them is no hardship with books as well put together as this I have enjoyed reading it to them as much as they have enjoyed being read to.In this book, Percy is reunited with Annabeth, daughter of Athena, and a new friend, Tyson, and sent off on a new quest which sees him reunited with friends and enemies alike, as he races to save Camp Half Blood from imminent destruction I don t want to give too much of the book away if you are about to embark upon it, because there are lots of unexpected twists and turns to the plot which make it exciting to read.As an adult who read a lot of mythological stories, and who later studied Greek and Roman civilisation at university, I love how Riordan effortlessly threads the ancient stories into new and exciting shapes for modern readers My children aren t really aware of the background of the original stories, and I am also looking forward to them discovering them as they grow older.We already have the third book lined up. Bought the whole series of Percy Jackson for my 12 year old son who liked a lot all 5 books including this and read them during a relatively short time When he finished the Harry Potter series he was in trouble what to read next so we pick these for him I am glad we did because the story is good and engaging, adventurous enough for a young boy plus it teaches some about acient greek history which is a bonus really I would definietly recommend it. Im a Harry Potter fan and have read my HP books so often that I fancied a change These books were recommended by fellow HP fans and I must say I really enjoyed it The story line is all based around Percy Jackson who finds out he is a demi god is father is one of the top three gods wont say who as its part of the story Anyway he goes on a quest to recover Zeus s firebolt and along the way makes both friends and enemies There is certainly a lot of greek mythology references which I enjoyed and its certainly a hero verses the bad guys story like HP The plot lines are a little obvious but the books are aimed at 11 year olds so to be expected The author may not be JK Rowling but I have ordered the next two books so proof of their entertainment value All in all very enjoyable If u have read harry potter and obsessed of it and u are trying to find some story like it u must go for the percy Jackson series Its having a great storyline and u will love all the characters just like harry potter sPros Great story and u will always want to read the next oneIt has thin books so u will not get bored of reading so fat ones It has no consPlease click on the helpful button if u like this The sea of monster was another perilous quest of Percy Jackson in which he has to save his friend Grover and camp at the same time This time he gets little help from his father and other God This book showed strength of team work, friends and family even though it s messy and how these three bonds together can conquer biggest enemy and help in completing any quest.As usual characterization was the second best part of this book They were little developed and learn new things as they move ahead in life and book New characters were introduced in this book.Tyson Percy s half brother He was big baby Cyclops, so cute, funny and loving but because of Annabeth s bad history and Percy s jealousy, poor guy was not appreciated enough His affable, caring and protective nature won heart of Percy, Annabeth and all camper in the end.Tantalus was horrible camp director I was surprised he was chosen as a director while Gods could have chosen some other reasonable person I mean how they could give future of their kids in hands of not so ideal father person But as Hermes said immortal families are eternally messy.Annabeth saved Percy s butt many times here She was brave, brilliant and also accepted her fatal flaw Percy managed to work with Clarisse ever the brave and difficult to deal with and also even impressed her in the end, for time being , by his cool nature I loved how author showed strength of female characters over male protagonist in this book.Percy was great friend and a good hearted person and showed his true nature, while fighting Polyphemus and what he did with flees after quest, which might be his fatal flaw He developed by overcoming his jealousy about how his dad gave attention to his half brother, who showed up without warning, and accepted him as a brother in the end.The book started with a Percy s nightmare, something his mother was hiding about camp half blood and last day of 7th grade turned into cannonball fight with monsters, blowing up the gym and running from the police Couldn t expect action in the beginning right There was Camp half blood under attack, Thalia s tree dying due to poison, magical border deteriorating Camp itself was dying Only few weeks left and only way to save it was magical Golden Fleece Hold your ponies readers, things are going to be action packed, tragic and entertaining.As and when necessary few things were explained from the first book like what is half blood, who was Grover and what was his satyr brothers work, about camp, Clarisse and camp s director all things to recall from first book if you have taken long time to read sequel, of course not in repetitive manner.As usual camp Half blood and Greek mythology along with characters was my most favorite part of the book Story of Tantalus, Golden Fleece was beat to read Oh and shocking part was knowing who Chiron s father was I loved how Rick Riordan depicted monsters and scenes, he teaches Greek myth in most entertaining way with flawless writing and gripping adventure.Another thing I liked about Rick Riordan s writing is his amusing references Charybdis got louder a horrible wet roar like the galaxy s biggest toilet being flushed Charybdis was orthodontist s nightmare The tree Olive struck him with such force it would ve flattened me into a Percy Pizza with extra olives And some that made me chuckle throughout the book.Some tense scenes knowing Luke s plan on Cruz ship, why he poisoned Thalia s tree and what he intended to do with fleece fighting hydra going through sea of monsters escaping C.C s Island, sirens and Polyphemus made me sit anxiously with urge to read and faster We get to know bits of the big prophecy that involved Percy in this book.Twist at the end of each chapter, suspense of prophecy, Titan Lord s tricky plans for Percy made this dangerous quest full of excitement and action packed Sassy Nature of Percy, innocence and golden heart of Tyson, Annabeth s smartness through refreshing tone and perspective of Percy was fun to read The bond between Percy and Tyson was charming and I loved to read this new trio on quest of saving old friend and ultimately end up saving than what they intended.Climax was utterly brilliant and end was shocking and a cliffhanger I can t wait to start next book in the series.Overall, it was action packed, adventurous and fun to read I highly recommend this book to YA, Greek Mythology lovers. Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters is the second awesome adventure in Rick Riordan s bestselling series This new edition will tie in with the star studded and eagerly awaited new Percy Jackson film from Twentieth Century Fox Half Boy Half God ALL Hero You can t tell by looking at me that my dad is Poseidon, God of the SeaIt s not easy being a half blood these days Even a simple game of dodgeball becomes a death match against an ugly gang of cannibal giants and that was only the beginningNow Camp Half Blood is under attack, and unless I can get my hands on the Golden Fleece, the whole camp will be invaded by monsters Big onesRick Riordan has now sold an incrediblemillion copies of his books worldwideRICK RIORDAN IS THE MYTHMASTERThe Greek Gods are alive and kicking go to rickriordanmythmaster and see for yourself Riordan takes the reader back to the stories we love then shakes the cobwebs out of them Eoin Colfer Witty and inspired Gripping, touching and deliciously satirical The Times Puns, jokes and subtle wit, alongside a gripping storyline Telegraph Perfectly paced, with electrifying moments chasing each other like heartbeats New York Times It s Buffy meets Artemis Fowl Thumbs up Sunday Times Funny very exciting but it s the storytelling that will get readers hooked After all, this is the stuff of legends GuardianBooks by Rick Riordan The Percy Jackson series Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters Percy Jackson and the Titan s Curse Percy Jackson and the Battle of the Labyrinth Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian Percy Jackson The Demigod FilesThe Heroes of Olympus series The Lost Hero The Son Of Neptune The Mark of Athena The Heroes of Olympus The Demigod FilesThe Kane Chronicles series The Red Pyramid The Throne of Fire The Serpent s Shadow Omg, the ending is awesome and compels one to rethink all the incidents in book.Hats off Eagerly waiting for the titan s curse copy to be deliveredAwesome Awesome Awesome

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