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The Value of Everything: Making and Taking in the Global Economy WINNER OF THE MADAME DE STA L PRIZE AND THE LEONTIEF PRIZE FOR ADVANCING THE FRONTIERS OF ECONOMIC THOUGHT SHORTLISTED FOR THE FT MCKINSEY BUSINESS BOOK OF THE YEAR Who Really Creates Wealth In Our World And How Do We Decide The Value Of What They Do At The Heart Of Today S Financial And Economic Crisis Is A Problem Hiding In Plain SightIn Modern Capitalism, Value Extraction Is Rewarded Highly Than Value Creation The Productive Process That Drives A Healthy Economy And Society From Companies Driven Solely To Maximize Shareholder Value To Astronomically High Prices Of Medicines Justified Through Big Pharma S Value Pricing , We Misidentify Taking With Making, And Have Lost Sight Of What Value Really Means Once A Central Plank Of Economic Thought, This Concept Of Value What It Is, Why It Matters To Us Is Simply No Longer Discussed Yet, Argues Mariana Mazzucato In This Penetrating And Passionate New Book, If We Are To Reform Capitalism Radically To Transform An Increasingly Sick System Rather Than Continue Feeding It We Urgently Need To Rethink Where Wealth Comes From Which Activities Create It, Which Extract It, Which Destroy It Answers To These Questions Are Key If We Want To Replace The Current Parasitic System With A Type Of Capitalism That Is Sustainable, Symbiotic That Works For Us All The Value Of Everything ReigniteS A Long Needed Debate About The Kind Of World We Really Want To Live In

About the Author: Mariana Mazzucato

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Value of Everything: Making and Taking in the Global Economy book, this is one of the most wanted Mariana Mazzucato author readers around the world.

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    Not everything that counts can be counted not everything that can be counted counts, sings Billy Bragg in the song that could be used as a theme tune should Mariana Mazzucato s The Value Everything be turned into a TV programme.Like Bragg, Mazzucato is not fond of the tendency to equate value with price Moreover, she considers tha

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    Perhaps the most important book to read on the current world economy The book cuts through simplistic news reporting to explain forensically exactly how we should and should not measure economic success and failure In doing so, it explains exactly why and how the cycle of boom and bust occurs and the gap between rich and poor is widening A

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    If you have ever felt that those who claim to create the most wealth actual take the most wealth, to the detriment of our wider society and or that the claim that we need entrepreneurs than the state, then read this book The authors breath and depth of knowledge and her style of writing make this a very well argued and readable book My one critici

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    Anyone interested in what is happening in the world around them should read this book The fraudulent pricing of drugs is a shocking eye opener The wealth extracting role of the financial sector which produces less than nothing is vividly described The whole nonsense of GDP, which counts this money skimming as though it were doing anything remotely useful to

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    Overturning the applecart in contemporary economic theories of value, Mariana Mazzucato revives Keynes to illustrate two central points One that government creates value and not just extracts it by investing in large projects like NASA and DARPA as well as infrastructure Two that the financial services industry and the general spread of financialisation think car le

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    Wonderfully thoughtful This book should be mandatory reading for all politicians and anyone else in the public eye who may feel inclined to pass comment on society s financial workings and responsibilities Read this and realise how ill informed many of those who pontificate in the media today really are.

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    I m around 36 pages in and I ve found reading this enjoyable than my economics degree It should actually be required reading for every student regardless of there course or chosen profession Thank you for your book Mariana and discussing such an important topic of our current time

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    The author, recognising that modern capitalism s failure to always deliver in line with market forces theory is because many markets are imperfect, explores why this is the case.She suggests a new narrative is required between economists, government and private enterprises based on redefining what economic activities create value and which are rent seeking and extract value.The case is well a

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