The Man Who Made Vermeers: Unvarnishing the Legend of

The Man Who Made Vermeers: Unvarnishing the Legend of Master Forger Han van Meegeren ADVANCE PRAISE FOR THE MAN WHO MADE VERMEERS From the outrageous swindles he perpetrated in Vermeer s name to the nefarious dealings he had with the Nazis in occupied Holland, Han van Meegeren s is an unforgettable, almost unbelievable story Witty, erudite, and utterly compelling, Jonathan Lopez s account of the twentieth century s most notorious art forger is a must read a book that makes Van Meegeren s fake Vermeers evenfascinating, I dare say, than the Delft master s originals Caroline Weber, author of Queen of Fashion What Marie Antoinette Wore to the RevolutionIt s a story that made Dutch painter Han van Meegeren famous worldwide when it broke at the end of World War II A lifetime of disappointment drove him to forge Vermeers, one of which he sold to Hermann Goering, making a mockery of the Nazis And it s a story that s been believed ever since Too bad it isn t true Jonathan Lopez has drawn on never before seen documents from dozens of archives to write a revelatory new biography of the worlds most famous forger Neither unappreciated artist nor antifascist hero, Van Meegeren emerges as an ingenious, dyed in the wool crook who plied the forger s trade far longer than he ever admitteda talented Mr Ripley armed with a paintbrush Lopez also explores a network of illicit commerce that operated across Europe Not only was Van Meegeren a key player in that high stakes game in the s and s, landing fakes with powerful dealers and famous collectors such as Andrew Mellon, but he and his associates later offered a case study in wartime opportunism as they cashed in on the Nazi occupation The Man Who Made Vermeers is a long overdue unvarnishing of Van Meegerens legend and a deliciously detailed story of deceit in the art world

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