Stories From Wales -: Oxford Children's Myths and Legends

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Stories From Wales -: Oxford Children's Myths and Legends This book appears to be for children and indeed can be read and understood by them as fairy stories and jejune miracles ideal bedtime reading In fact this book is , a compilation of West Welsh History Dyfed ,containing than a kernel of history proper Sometimes this history is woven into fantasies which have become removed from the truth and sometimes as in the dream of Macsen Gwledig , the tale is a straight foreward narative couched in the prose of that time Ideal reading for both children and taken lightly and the dedicaated history student who take it seriouslySolid hard cover , good paper, legible writing although there can be tiresome glare if read for a prolonged period as ther are no pictures and no graphics to break up the text.Perhaps the title should be Histry of Wales in contemporary form Oxford Children s Myths and Legends bring you the greatest stories ever told, from around the world and long ago Heroes and villains, witches and wizards, warriors and royalty there s something here for everyone These spell binding tales of love, loyalty, greed and jealousy come from the mountains and valleys of Wales From Pwyll, the prince of Dyfed, to Arthur s court, they tell of a world where peasants and kings live alongside the folk of the faery, and where reality and enchantment intertwine Was looking for stories from Wales with illustrations although the stories are great there are no illustrations so its now on the bookshelf My sister s a mythology buff and she was so excited to get this book Plus since Welsh is kind of hard to read it has a pronunciation guide in the back which is really helpful Would buy again. a nice book, havent read much of it yet, waiting until our daughter is a bit older. been looking for books on welsh Myths and legand s for a while but not read yet but look along the right lines