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    The compiler of this enchanting collection of Scottish fairy and folk tales, Barbara Ker Wilson had the inestimable advantage of being able to write well.She has retold these Celtic tales in clear, literate English which will appeal to both young and adult readers this particular one and I am most particular being very much in the latter category.Starting with the bittersweet seashore story MacCodrum of the Seals, followed by the classic Thomas the Rhymer, she closes her 200 page selection with seven tales culled from the Irish Scottish Fenian saga of Fionn Mac Chumail aka Finn MacCool which may well inspire you to read to one of the several collections of that cycle.Here you ll find tales you ll have heard of from other sources, but possibly not read before, for example Tam Lin, well known from the hypnotic song by folk band Fairport Convention, or charming, if bloody, anecdotal tales such as The Secret of Heather ale.I m glad to say no punches are pulled these are folk tales, after all, such things being often dark, with ambiguous or downright tragic endings But who would have it any other way Recommended.

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Fairy Tales from Scotland (Oxford Story Collections) Gallant knights, the enchanting Elf Queen, witches, wizards and wee faery folk you ll find them all in this exciting collection of Scottish fairy tales and legends Whether you prefer Highland legends, ancient sagas, or warrior adventures, there s something for everyone in this collection along with a good helping of Gaelic magic