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The Bottom Billion: Why the Poorest Countries are Failing and What Can Be Done About It In This Elegant And Impassioned Synthesis From One Of The World S Leading Experts On Africa And Poverty, Economist Paul Collier Writes Persuasively That Although Nearly Five Billion Of The World S People Are Beginning To Climb From Desperate Poverty And To Benefit From Globalization S Reach To Developing Countries, There Is A Bottom Billion Of The World S Poor Whose Countries, Largely Immune To The Forces Of Global Economy, Are Falling Farther Behind And Are In Danger Of Falling Apart, Separating Permanently And Tragically From The Rest Of The World Collier Identifies And Explains The Four Traps That Prevent The Homelands Of The World S Billion Poorest People From Growing And Receiving The Benefits Of Globalization Civil War, The Discovery And Export Of Natural Resources In Otherwise Unstable Economies, Being Landlocked And Therefore Unable To Participate In The Global Economy Without Great Cost, And Finally, Ineffective Governance As He Demonstrates That These Billion People Are Quite Likely In Danger Of Being Irretrievably Left Behind, Collier Argues That We Cannot Take A Headless Heart Approach To These Seemingly Intractable Problems Rather, That We Must Harness Our Despair And Our Moral Outrage At These Inequities To A Reasoned And Thorough Understanding Of The Complex And Interconnected Problems That The World S Poorest People Face.

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    Working in the mining sector as a geologist and mineral economist, I had previously read Paul Collier s Plundered Planet looking specifically at resources related economic development, so I was looking forward to reading The Bottom Billion to broaden my understanding of economic development generally Prof and knight Paul Collier is no doubt

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    This book should be essential reading for anyone studying African development I read th whole thing is about 3 sitting It provides an explanation as to why the countries that hits the bottom billion to the world poor are not their state and what they can do about it The book draws on so much expertise and experience It a really convincing read The poi

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    Great book Any book from SOAS uni is always worth reading imo.For anyone studying economics these types of books are a must read.The richest resourced countries in the world, are always amongst the worlds poorest countries on earth This doesnt happen by mistake This is the curse of having something that another people want to take steal from you.Definately wor

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    Very good and very intersting postion Prof Collier is experienced and knowledgeable professional so the book by him must be full of interesting facts And in this respect I fully recommend it great read However it seems to me thta professor s judgemnt is at times clouded by his opinions and believes It s not difficult to notice that he is a firm believer of power of fre

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