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PRESENT FOR SON IN LAW WHO LIKES DAWKINS BOOKS This is the 40th Anniversary edition of the book but not exactly a new edition It s a volume that actually contains the 2nd edition of the book, with revisions and the prefaces and forwards It adds a new epilogue for this edition, as well as two chapters from a different book The Extended Phenotype Thus the new title The Extended Selfish Gene Having read the first edition 40 years ago, this re read was somewhat nostalgic and a reminder of how controversial the original was This was never a technical book on genetics, but an argument for an interpretation of the process of natural selection at the gene level Many technical and popular reviewers at the time imposed some personal and wrong headed interpretations to the meaning of the term selfish gene, to which this edition is a counterargument Perhaps the most interesting parts of the book are in fact the endnotes to each chapter, and should be read as noted when they occur These provide of the historical changes.Needless to say perhaps, but as the modern synthesis provided a new context to Darwin s ideas when the gene was explored scientifically, the concept of the selfish gene has become even important with the rigorous sequencing of the full genome of viruses, bacteria, higher organisms and humans, and the discovery of regulatory genetic elements.Nature continues to amaze Luckily I only borrowed this book I don t see the point of it if you have read The Selfish Gene et al.It s fine if you haven t the other books but I don t know who it s aimed at. The first time I read this book I absolutely detested it, I then discovered to my horror, that an extended edition had been released Many will question my sanity for subsequently purchasing it, but I couldn t help myself The first criticism I have is that the book is a classic example of blatant plagiarism It s very very similar to a book George Williams wrote about evolution in the 60 s. The Selfish Gene Is A Classic Exposition Of Evolutionary Thought In It Professor Dawkins Articulates A Gene S Eye View Of Evolution A View Giving Centre Stage To These Persistent Units Of Information, And In Which Organisms Can Be Seen As Vehicles For The Replication Of Genes The Book Provoked Widespread And Heated Debate, Which In Part Led Dawkins To Write The Extended Phenotype, In Which He Gave A Deeper Clarification Of The Central Concept Of The Gene As The Unit Of Selection, As Well As Contributing His Own Development Of This Insight For The First Time, The Extended Selfish Gene Brings These Two Books Together, By Including Two Key Chapters From The Extended Phenotype These Chapters Provide Dawkins S Detailed And Powerful Response To Two Issues Raised By Critics Of The Selfish Gene The Accusations Of Genetic Determinism The Idea That Our Behaviour Is Entirely Determined By Our Genes , And Of Adaptationism That All Traits Are Indiscriminately Perceived To Be Adaptations Resulting From Natural Selection While Written In Particular For The Biology Community, Dawkins S Clarity Of Expression Allows These Chapters To Be Accessible To All Who Are Seriously Engaged With The Gene S Eye View And Its Implications The Imaginative, Powerful, And Stylistically Brilliant Selfish Gene Not Only Brought The Insights Of Neo Darwinism To A Wide Audience, But Galvanized The Biology Community, Generating Much Debate And Stimulating Whole New Areas Of Research Forty Years Later, Its Insights Remain As Significant As On The Day It Was Published Along With The Two Extra Chapters, The Extended Selfish Gene Includes A New Epilogue To The Selfish Gene From The Author Which Highlights The Relevance Of The Gene S Eye View To Evolutionary Biology Today The Selfish Gene is a classic in exploring how Darwin s theory of evolution operates deeply within living things Even if one is not entirely comfortable with Dawkin s perspective, this work offers the opportunity to tread the fine line between highly technical insights into biological processes and a generalized paradigm of how life works at the genetic level. I experienced Dawkins s writing in reverse order I had enjoyed all of his books and this was the last one that I read This book being his first book it maybe a bit odd that I got to reading it last but it was still educational and this revised version is excellent He includes small updates from his later works giving new depth to a game changing argument for the gene centered view of evolution by natural selection In my biology classes having experienced so much of RD s thought on the subject before having the formal education I was able to see clearly so many things that I think would have been difficult to conceptualize If you have never read the Selfish Gene before you will love this book at least if you love science. Great book to clarify some of the concepts in evolution many people seem to misunderstand Easy read Well written great infrmation. Very disappointed by the book It was in an awful state with corners completely torn This book looked like it had been used by over hundreds of readers.The website should not labele it as Good.It was not worth the pay or the wait.Moreover i had to pay a surplus tax of US 50 which was not even mentioned on the purchase order. The Extended Selfish Gene

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