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Networks The Study Of Networks, Including Computer Networks, Social Networks, And Biological Networks, Has Attracted Enormous Interest In The Last Few Years The Rise Of The Internet And The Wide Availability Of Inexpensive Computers Have Made It Possible To Gather And Analyze Network Data On An Unprecedented Scale, And The Development Of New Theoretical Tools Has Allowed Us To Extract Knowledge From Networks Of Many Different Kinds The Study Of Networks Is Broadly Interdisciplinary And Central Developments Have Occurred In Many Fields, Including Mathematics, Physics, Computer And Information Sciences, Biology, And The Social Sciences This Book Brings Together The Most Important Breakthroughs In Each Of These Fields And Presents Them In A Coherent Fashion, Highlighting The Strong Interconnections Between Work In Different Areas Topics Covered Include The Measurement Of Networks Methods For Analyzing Network Data, Including Methods Developed In Physics, Statistics, And Sociology Fundamentals Of Graph Theory Computer Algorithms Mathematical Models Of Networks, Including Random Graph Models And Generative Models And Theories Of Dynamical Processes Taking Place On Networks This is the only valuable book to get you started with network graph analysis I am doing a research project with industry partners on graph analysis It is not my background but this book helps me understanding key concepts quickly and accurately. Newman s Networks is a compendium of examples, problems, and applications of networks in several fields It is a must have field guide for anyone studying networks, from physicists to neuroscientists, biologists and data scientists This new version contains timely new material such as a sections on networks synchronization and community detection, missing in the 1st edition of this book Definitely a joy to read. I had heard of the first edition, but I never bought it I have had the opportunity to have the second edition and I want to share that it is an extraordinary work, indispensable for anyone who wants to enter the world of networks that abound in our world.

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