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A Concise Course in Algebraic Topology (Chicago Lectures in Mathematics) Algebraic Topology Is A Basic Part Of Modern Mathematics, And Some Knowledge Of This Area Is Indispensable For Any Advanced Work Relating To Geometry, Including Topology Itself, Differential Geometry, Algebraic Geometry, And Lie Groups This Book Provides A Detailed Treatment Of Algebraic Topology Both For Teachers Of The Subject And For Advanced Graduate Students In Mathematics Either Specializing In This Area Or Continuing On To Other Fields J Peter May S Approach Reflects The Enormous Internal Developments Within Algebraic Topology Over The Past Several Decades, Most Of Which Are Largely Unknown To Mathematicians In Other Fields But He Also Retains The Classical Presentations Of Various Topics Where Appropriate Most Chapters End With Problems That Further Explore And Refine The Concepts Presented The Final Four Chapters Provide Sketches Of Substantial Areas Of Algebraic Topology That Are Normally Omitted From Introductory Texts, And The Book Concludes With A List Of Suggested Readings For Those Interested In Delving Further Into The Field

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    clean and brand new copy

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    If you re serious about algebraic topology, read this book.If one has a good background in abstract algebra and point set topology and elementary homotopy theory, then this text is best suited for those who are serious about the subject No prior exposure to algebraic topology beyond these basics is assumed I believe this is what t

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    The book itself is really promising the material is not available in any other textbook, to my knowledge I really like it as a supplement to my topology course category theory organizes a lot of the theorems of topology so that s a lot easier to remember just because everything fits together.However, the typos and in the book make it much l

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    Billed as notes from a required first year graduate course honed from decades of teaching, its clear that this is a wash out class, designed to separate the very best from the rest Concise, clear, well written, but definitely challenging The text requires some real thought but is ultimately understandable.The homework problems, however, can be overwh

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    I have always believed that the goodness of a mathematical textbook is inversely proportional to its length J P May s book A Concise Course in Algebraic Topology is a superb demonstration of this While the book is indeed extremely terse, it forces the reader to thoroughly internalize the concepts before moving on Also, it presents results in their full general

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    clear, excellent book

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