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Digital Restoration From Start to Finish: How to repair old and damaged photographs Digital Restoration Start To Finish Guides You Step By Step Through The Entire Process Of Restoring Old Photographs And Repairing New Ones Using Adobe Photoshop, Plug Ins, And Picture Window Nothing Is Left Out, From Choosing The Right Hardware And Software And Getting The Photographs Into The Computer, To Getting The Finished Photo Out Of The Computer And Preserving It For Posterity With This Book You Will Learn How To Scan Faded And Damaged Prints And Films Improve Snapshots With The Shadow Highlight Adjustment Correct Uneven Exposure And Do Dodging And Burning In With Curves Adjustment Layers Scan And Recover Nearly Blank Photograph Fix Color With Curves And Hue Saturation Adjustment Layers Fix Skin Tones With Airbrush Layers Hand Tint A Photograph Easily With Masked Layers Fix Color With Plug Ins Clean Up Dust And Scratches Repair Small And Large Cracks With Masks And Filter Eliminate Tarnish And Silvered Out Spots From A Photograph Minimize Unwanted Print Surface Textures Erase Mildew Spots Eliminate The Dots From Newspaper Photographs Increase Sharpness And Fine Detail In A Photograph

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    I couldn t decide whether to give this three stars which is it s okay or two stars for I don t like it I suppose my feelings are somewhere between those two, so consider it a two and a half rating from me It s okay for someone who has patie

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    Brilliant book with in depth practical explanation of how to carry out restoration of old or damaged photos It covers everything from scanner settings through to the selection and use of various types of editing software The author has also put a lot

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    Really good quality ex library book The book and content first class.

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    The book came on time,and I like the way it is set out I find it easy to follow.

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    The best book on the subject

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    Very helpfull book

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    I ve read most of the books available on photo restoration with Photoshop and I have to say that this was by far the least satisfactory.Ctein, I m sure is a very talented guy when it comes to printing and photo restoration but this book is so badly written that I find it almost unusable.In order to

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    If you re seriously into your photography and store on digital with pc, then you just might want need to save some old photographs Old b w and slides can be brought back to life by following instructions within this fantastic book.Some of us already use Photoshop etc to get good results but this book really d

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