Doctor Who The Visual Dictionary Updated and Expanded ePUB

Doctor Who The Visual Dictionary Updated and Expanded (Dr Who) This beautifully illustrated Doctor Who encyclopedia is now updated and expanded to include the latest Doctor Who facts and details including Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth DoctorBursting with action packed images and little known facts, DK s Doctor Who The Visual Dictionary Updated and Expanded is ideal for any fan of Doctor Who Covering aliens, gadgets, weapons, technology, companions and monsters, you ll have all the tricks and secrets of Doctor Who at your fingertipsStep into the TARDIS, battle Cybermen and Daleks, and discover all the Doctor s secrets in this visually stunning guide to the Doctor Who universeC, DOCTOR WHO word marks, logos and devices , TARDIS, DALEKS, CYBERMAN AND Kword marks and devices are trade marks of the British Broadcasting Corporation and are used under licenceC logo BBCDoctor Who logo BBCDalek image BBC Terry NationCyberman image BBC Kit Pedler Gerry DavisKimage BBC Bob Baker Dave MartinLicensed by BBC WW Ltd

13 thoughts on “Doctor Who The Visual Dictionary Updated and Expanded (Dr Who)

  1. Bennyx Bennyx says:

    This is really good it tells you so much about DOCTOR WHO There are lots pages of information of DOCTOR WHO.

  2. wishy2206 wishy2206 says:

    8 year old son loved this and reads it loads Fab book for him and a good price.

  3. J. M. Youde J. M. Youde says:

    A must for Doctor Who fans everywhere Loads of information in it of interest A MUST buy

  4. Jackie Harris Jackie Harris says:


  5. Maureen Maureen says:

    brilliant love dr who packaged well

  6. The Caretaker The Caretaker says:

    very good book

  7. Suzie P Suzie P says:

    Super book my 6 year old loves it Quality A

  8. Mrs Susan Smelt Mrs Susan Smelt says:

    A very happy nine year old

  9. Alba Alba says:

    Soy fan de Dr.Who, encanta Es enorme y tiene explicaciones de muchos detalles Me hace recordar la serie y eso es genial Lo recomiendo mucho

  10. Moises Moises says:

    Nice and detailed, many pictures and covers and a wide range of facts about Dr Who Interesting and probably the best one.

  11. Oz The Great and Powerful Oz The Great and Powerful says:

    It s Doctor Who, c mon, it s AWESOME

  12. Nicole Nicole says:

    I bought this for my stepson and he absolutely loves it

  13. JAMN JAMN says:

    Book in great shape and well presented.

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