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World War II Visual Encyclopedia (Dk History 10) Made for children, this visual history of the Second World War profiles wartime leaders, soldiers, key battles, and the technological advances that influenced the course of the war.Learn about the most cunning political strategists, the longest battles, the fastest fighter planes, and muchin this spectacular book for kids Key information is available at a glance, with data boxes, facts and stats to dip into, and cutting edge CGI technology that bring these infamous events to life Packed with profiles of people, places, and events, from Winston Churchill to Pearl Harbor, World War II Visual Encyclopedia explores this historic event that shaped our world. My 14 year old son is really into WW2 and got this as a small extra at Christmas and he loves it His best friend has already asked for this book as a birthday present in April The way it is presented makes reading it really easy to follow and the graphics make it easy to retain the information.Excellent book. Grandson 5, going on 9 wanted to know about the Second World War and his dad has been reading this to him He has found itvery interesting and easy to understand, and the illustrations cover every aspect of the war When he finally goes to primary schooland learns to read a lot better then I am sure this will be one of his favourite books Would recommend for young children to givethem an idea of the history of the War, if they are at all interested in this type of thing from a young age. My 11yr old son is WW11 mad and loves this book He s learning so much and so am I as he doesn t stop telling me about what he s read.

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  • World War II Visual Encyclopedia (Dk History 10)
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  • 10 January 2017
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