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Couples That Work: How To Thrive in Love and at Work As a working mother and wife, this is the book I have been waiting for Being part of a dual career couple is challenging and yet so rewarding at the same time Fulfilling our dreams and ambitions in both love and work is hard work but possible.This is the book any dual career couple, at any stage of their journey, needs Through beautifully written examples and illustrations, you will get valuable insights and advice on how to continue to combine two ambitious careers with a fulfilling love and family life I could not put it down My husband is now reading it too.I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to flourish in both love and work I really dislike the title of this book It isnt about just working couples, it is about couples generally, the transitions they undergo and how to stay together despite life crises, not just relating careers Very good book, but very pretentious title. If your looking for a book that will help you live successfully in a dual career life, you should buy and read Couples that work by Jennifer Petriglieri It is well written and thoroughly researched Using insight from interviews with than hundred career couples, she has written this handbook to success both at home and at work She describes three main transitions couples with careers live through, being in the third transition phase, I re lived the two first when reading the book Reading the book sparked very insightful discussions with my wife 35 years of marriage about where and who we are, and what and where we want to be, for the rest of our working life and beyond Thank you Jennifer This topic is vital to the way modern relationships and work are evolving.The author manages to combine a deeply human take on a very complicated issue with a highly scientific research methodology The result is advice which is both relatable and something you feel you can put faith in. Every Couple Wants A Happy Relationship And A Meaningful Career But How Do We Balance Both In Couples That Work, Professor Jennifer Petriglieri Shifts Away From The Language Of Sacrifice And Trade Offs And Focuses On How Couples Can Successfully Tackle The Challenges They Will Face Throughout Their Lives Together The Book Explores Key Questions LikeCan You And Your Partner Have Equally Important Careers Or Must You Prioritise One Over The Other How Can You Juggle Children Or Family Commitments Without Sacrificing Your Work Does Every Decision Require Compromise Or Can You Find Solutions That Benefit You Both Identifying Common Triggers And Traps, And Presenting Engaging Exercises To Help You Avoid And Overcome Them, This Book Will Help Every Couple Design Their Own Unique Way To Combine Love And Work At Every Stage Of Their Journey Hugely Insightful A Must Read For All Couples Susan David, Author Of Emotional Agility Managing One Career Is Hard Enough Two Often Seems Impossible In This Book, Jennifer Shares What She S Learned About How Couples Can Not Only Survive But Thrive Adam Grant, Author Of Originals

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