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Round the Bend I prefer Clarkson s miscellaneous writings I m a girl, I m not that interested in torque and bhp but when I can t get them I ll happily read the car stuff because most of every review is generally pretty random and always amusing I do love the way he tells it like he thinks it is, even when I don t agree with him the man can make me laugh.This book doesn t disappoint It s just what you expect it to be so if you like him, buy it, if you don t like him, don t buy it Or buy it and rant while you read It took me most of the way though the book to work out way I didn t enjoy this volume as much as the other 3 I have read previously I came to the conclusion that it was the format of trying to start with a humorous story followed a a serious car review jammed into whatever the work limit had been set by the newspaper. Bought this on a whim Clarkson gets a lot of criticism some of it deserved , but this is written quite well and it is written in bite size chunks making it ideal as a bathroom book One downside of this book is that he is reviewing specific cars although he quickly goes off topic , but a book like this needs a glossy pic of the car he talking about. Really enjoyable, lots of different articles so great for me as I don t spend much time reading Love or Hate Jeremy he is an outspoken man who tells you how he sees life, cars people Those who love him love the truth, those who hate him hate the truth Perfect book for dads birthday Clarkson is a writer and presenter who can make you smile or groan or punch him in one article this book is a collection of articles published in Newspapers some of them are dated because they were topical when written and are now just plain out of date but often still amusing Jeremy Clarkson Gets Really Riled In Round The BendWhat S It Like To Drive A Car That S Actively Trying To Kill You This And Many Other Burning Questions Trouble Jeremy Clarkson As He Sets Out To Explore The World From The Safety Of Four Wheels Avoiding The Legions Of Power Crazed Traffic Wombles Attempting To Block Highway And Byway, He He Shows How The World Of Performance Cars May Be Likened To Battersea Dogs HomeReveals Why St Moritz May Be The Most Bonkers Town In All Of The WorldReminds Us That Switzerland Is So Afraid Of Snow That Any Flakes Falling On The Road Are Immediately ArrestedArgues That Washing A Car Is A Waste Of TimeFunny, Globe Trotting, Irreverent And Sometimes Downright Rude, Round The Bend Is Packed With Curious And Fascinating But Otherwise Hopelessly Useless Stories And Facts About Everything Under The Sun And Just Occasionally Cars It S Jeremy Clarkson At His Brilliant Best Brilliant Laugh Out Loud Daily Telegraph Outrageously Funny Will Have You In Stitches Time OutNumber One Bestseller And Presenter Of The Hugely Popular Top Gear, Jeremy Clarkson Writes On Cars, Current Affairs And Anything Else That Annoys Him In His Sharp And Funny Collections Born To Be Riled, Clarkson On Cars, Don T Stop Me Now, Driven To Distraction, Round The Bend, Motorworld, And I Know You Got Soul Are Also Available As Penguin Paperbacks The Penguin App IClarkson The Book Of Cars Can Be Downloaded On The App Store

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