American Steam Locomotives: Design and Development,

  • Kindle Edition
  • American Steam Locomotives: Design and Development, 1880–1960 (Railroads Past and Present)
  • William Withuhn
  • 09 March 2018
  • 0253039339

15 thoughts on “American Steam Locomotives: Design and Development, 1880–1960 (Railroads Past and Present)

  1. Dobs Dobs says:

    This must be on of the best ever discussions of different aspects of steam railway locomotive design, construction andoperation Naturally American practice predominates, but the author does not ignore external influences Essential foranyone seriously interested in the subject reviewer in Great Britain.

  2. M Bowery M Bowery says:

    Very good be careful if you do not like technical details though

  3. Andrew Morris Andrew Morris says:

    Present Recepitant enjoyed it

  4. Robert D. Turner Robert D. Turner says:

    This is an amazing and insightful study of the development of steam locomotives in North America, by William Withuhn, former curator at the Smithsonian Insitution It summarizes in understandable language the technology and its developments in the prime years of steam utilization on North American railroads The book also explains the challenges and limitations that were so much a part of the refinement of steam power and why, ultimately, it was replaced by diesels Moreover, there are many insights into the individuals and companies that were central to this story The book is also very nicely designed and produced and it is extensively referenced It is a wonderful credit to the author, William Withuhn and the publisher, Indiana Univ Press, in cooperation with the Railway Locomotive Historical Society.

  5. jazz69 jazz69 says:

    This is a terrific book particularly for people who love steam locomotives, their images and function I am glad that I bought this book It is an essential part of my collection of books on railroading.

  6. Peter Peter says:

    A full and complete account of the development of the steam locomotive in North America.

  7. romac_2790 romac_2790 says:

    Sehr gut beschriebenes und informatives Buch ber amerikanische Eisenbahngeschichte.

  8. Ed Jorfan Ed Jorfan says:

    The most informative book ever written on the later development of the steam locomotive in North America.

  9. EJS EJS says:

    This book is a valuable addition to anyone with a collection of railroad literature.

  10. Lazy C Lazy C says:

    I just got my copy, and it is great so far As a train nerd and former electrical engineer by trade, I have enjoyed every detail of the engineering trade offs, such as air brakes versus vacuum brakes, iron versus steel fireboxes, and passenger engine versus freight engine wheel size For me, the only glaring omission is a photo of the author, William L Withuhn, who died in 2017 after completing the manuscript I found it touching that his wife, Gail, and his editor, Peter Hansen pushed this great volume through to publication Fortunately, photos of Mr Withuhn are available online, owing to his lifetime of accomplishments beyond this book.

  11. O. H. Eaton, Jr. O. H. Eaton, Jr. says:

    This book has a wealth of information sometimes a little too detailed There are a few areas where it would be easier to understand if photos or diagrams were used, but getting past that minor difficulty, I learned a great deal about steam locomotives and their limitations I knew maintenance was a problem, but I had no idea how big of a problem it was And I was not aware that counterbalancing was so difficult I only wish they had today s computers in 1930 1940 The book takes the reader from early steam through the 1940 s This is a very intense book and I think it is a must for those seriously interested in how steam locomotives were designed and how they performed in service.

  12. P. Kauffmann P. Kauffmann says:

    this book has a lot of detail and is generally interesting the author is very knowledgeable and there are a ton of details However for me, reading about ten details of a coal grate, or how this grate is different from that one without an occasional illustration is not really what I wanted in this book Perhaps I was looking for a bit less detail and a bit illustrative explanation.

  13. Kelly Zurp Kelly Zurp says:

    I had read a review on this book and thought it might be a nice addition to my railroad library, so I jumped onto and was immediately put off by its price Based on the review, the number of pages and the reputation of the author, I was expecting something in the 120 150 range, so when I saw the actual price, it made me wonder if the book would be as good as I had thought Well, it is and .They say the best things come in small packages Physically, with 464 pages, it is fairly thick, but it s a smaller book certainly not coffee table size Just a bit smaller than a magazine.And it is packed with information A long time curator at the Smithonian and a licensed locomotive engineer on steam locomotives, Mr Withuhn not only brings a wealth of information that has been thoroughly researched, but presents it in an unusual way that is very informative and at the same time very easy to read and understand He balances very well, meeting the needs and interests of the dedicated steam locomotive enthusiast and the novice who wants to learn about them There s something in this book for everybody.I mentioned that he presents it in an unusual way Many books like this tend to be a rather dry recitation of facts Or, they are often shallow surveys of the general world of steam locomotives But Mr Withuhn s approach is refreshingly different In his telling the story of the development of these amazing machines, he considers the importance of understanding the people who specified and designed them and the factors that played into their decisions This adds a dimension to the story that brings it alive It puts you in touch with them and lets you relate to the fact that these machines were the high tech of their day and these men were breaking new ground, just as our computer and communications engineers do today It also heightens your understanding of the machines and why they developed the way they did.This book would have been worth it at the price I thought it would go for At its actual price, it is a phenomenal bargain This is a must have book for any railroad enthusiasts library.

  14. WisJim WisJim says:

    Impressive book with lots of info, but it could use diagrams to illustrate and explain things like the suspension systems of locomotives And many of the diagrams in the book could be larger and should have parts labelled to help understand what the text is explaining I have numerous other books about steam locomotives so I can figure out some of these details by referring to other texts, but not everyone has this option I had hoped that this book would be the longed for complete reference on steam locomotives, but I don t feel it is quite complete enough Still, I m glad I got the book, just a little disappointed.

  15. Larry Y. Roettger Larry Y. Roettger says:

    Excellent and very detailed book about the later development of the American Steam Locomotive Besides having a very thorough knowledge of the engineering work, thermodynamics, and economics involved in creating these machines, the author obviously did an enormous amount of research, and further is a very good wordsmith Characteristics that are all too often missing among contemporary authors.An interesting and highly recommended book Well worth the money.

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American Steam Locomotives: Design and Development, 1880–1960 (Railroads Past and Present) For nearly half of the nation s history, the steam locomotive was the outstanding symbol for progress and power It was the literal engine of the Industrial Revolution, and it played an instrumental role in putting the United States on the world stage While the steam locomotive s basic principle of operation is simple, designers and engineers honed these concepts intomph passenger trains andton behemoths capable of hauling mile long freight at incredible speeds American Steam Locomotives is a thorough and engaging history of the invention that captured public imagination like no other, and the people who brought it to life

About the Author: William Withuhn

Is a well known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the American Steam Locomotives: Design and Development, 1880–1960 (Railroads Past and Present) book, this is one of the most wanted William Withuhn author readers around the world.