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Computational Vision: Information Processing in Perception and Visual Behavior (Computational Neuroscience Series) This Text Provides An Introduction To Computational Aspects Of Early Vision, In Particular, Color, Stereo, And Visual Navigation It Integrates Approaches From Psychophysics And Quantitative Neurobiology, As Well As Theories And Algorithms From Machine Vision And Photogrammetry When Presenting Mathematical Material, It Uses Detailed Verbal Descriptions And Illustrations To Clarify Complex Points The Text Is Suitable For Upper Level Students In Neuroscience, Biology, And Psychology Who Have Basic Mathematical Skills And Are Interested In Studying The Mathematical Modeling Of Perception First, even though the title of this book is neuroscience, it really IS in the newer field of computational vision that includes both human and machine vision My field is robotics, and I loved this book The first difference between this book and dozens of others, it that it IS a math book on computational vision, not neuron firing and spiking, and attempting to understand vision with older biology By this I mean that newer biology includes dynamical systems, differential equations, algorithms and computation, even if not overtly discussing machine vision.The second difference is that it is one of only a few that not only cover the math, but also explain it in English so that those who don t have a year of linear algebra can also get it with a little effort A few of the others include 1 The CLASSIC by David Marr that started the whole movement of Can this vision thing in humans be the brain using numerical methods to solve Fourier transforms and translate spherical geometry Vision A Computational Investigation into the Human Representation and Processing of Visual Information This is old but still relevant, and you should be able to get a good deal on it used.2 The MOST RECENT computational vision text by Davies This is 2012, 900 pages and NOT cheap However, given the over 50 titles in this area, Davies is the ONLY ONE that takes the time to painstakingly explain complex engineering at a bright High School level Not explicitly on the neuro side, but contains a LOT of computational vision topics Computer and Machine Vision, Fourth Edition Theory, Algorithms, Practicalities The next closest text costs over 200 US and isn t nearly as introductory or self study student friendly Those with a bio background will LOVE this way than buying 5 separate image and digital signal processsing books, only to find they are way over our heads.Beyond those two are only a few others that take the time to explain the math both with figures diagrams and tables as well as the English and the math STONE Seeing The Computational Approach to Biological Vision Zeki one of the best treatments of color vision Vision of the Brain and Palmer Vision Science Photons to Phenomenology.There are many others that cover the same material as these fine texts, but they are solid math, assume you can handle differential equations and linear algebra well, and don t give intuitive co explanations for the math This text, as well as those above, take the time to do that, making it them ideal for introductions for students coming to math, robotics, machine vision and engineering from other areas bio, neuro, medicine as well as auto didacts Highly recommended TIP CHECK both third parties and Abe books s partner for these titles USED for significant discounts I DO NOT recommend these titles for e readers like Kindle because the math formulas get slaughtered, you ll want the figures close, and you ll want to mark in the margins.Library Picks reviews only for the benefit of shoppers and has nothing to do with , the authors, manufacturers or publishers of the items we review We always buy the items we review for the sake of objectivity, and although we search for gems, are not shy about trashing an item if it s a waste of time or money for shoppers If the reviewer identifies herself, her job or her field, it is only as a point of reference to help you gauge the background and any biases.

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