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Uncertainty in Games (Playful Thinking) This is a good discussion about uncertanty in games, and is worth its value, giving some hints for designers.However, it is a bit too small The book could continue in different ways. How Uncertainty In Games From Super Mario Bros To Rock Paper Scissors Engages Players And Shapes Play Experiences In Life, Uncertainty Surrounds Us Things That We Thought Were Good For Us Turn Out To Be Bad For Us And Vice Versa People We Thought We Knew Well Behave In Mysterious Ways The Stock Market Takes A Nosedive Thanks To An Inexplicable Optimism, Most Of The Time We Are Fairly Cheerful About It All But We Do Devote Much Effort To Managing And Ameliorating Uncertainty Is It Any Wonder, Then, Asks Greg Costikyan, That We Have Taken This Aspect Of Our Lives And Transformed It Culturally, Making A Series Of Elaborate Constructs That Subject Us To Uncertainty But In A Fictive And Nonthreatening Way That Is We Create Games In This Concise And Entertaining Book, Costikyan, An Award Winning Game Designer, Argues That Games Require Uncertainty To Hold Our Interest, And That The Struggle To Master Uncertainty Is Central To Their Appeal Game Designers, He Suggests, Can Harness The Idea Of Uncertainty To Guide Their Work Costikyan Explores The Many Sources Of Uncertainty In Many Sorts Of Games From Super Mario Bros To Rock Paper Scissors, From Monopoly To CityVille, From FPS Deathmatch Play To Chess He Describes Types Of Uncertainty, Including Performative Uncertainty, Analytic Complexity, And Narrative Anticipation And He Suggest Ways That Game Designers Who Want To Craft Novel Game Experiences Can Use An Understanding Of Game Uncertainty In Its Many Forms To Improve Their Designs Reading this under appreciated book it s currently languishing at 557,270 on the best seller rankings it came as a wonderful revelation to me that an author could take a subject of such seemingly limited appeal and produce a work of such general insight and interest.Costikyan sets out to examine the question of just how much uncertainty and what types of uncertainty make games intriguing and captivating rather than irritating and frustrating This apparently innocuous question hides great subtlety and depth, not least when you consider that it s not just games but plots of novels, films, and stories of any sort that need elements of uncertainty and surprise to sustain our interest.Along the way Costikyan gives an expert overview of gaming of all sorts from Advanced Dungeons and Dragons to Super Mario to Sid Meier s Civilization, but don t be misled though into thinking this book is only about gaming It has much wider ambitions than pure gaming Costikyan ranges far and wide in his discussions, for example it s through this book that I discovered the work of the psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi author of Flow, a seminal work on creativity and happiness.Uncertainty in Games deserves a much wider readership. A previous reviewer stated that this book was a bit short I agree that the book is short, but it truly was an eye opening experience It takes you through your most beloved games, and explains to you why they are loved by so many I think this is a must read for anybody that either wants to understand what makes games fun, or wants to build a fun game themselves. Makes a strong case for the presence of uncertainty in games, and the difference between it and randomness I completely agree with the idea that uncertainty, in its many faces, can increase the appeal and value of a game and make for a a interesting game.Worth a read if you re looking for some ideas on your next journey to the game design world. Made me think differently about games and game mechanics Great read. It s not often that one comes across a real in depth study of a family of mechanics, and Uncertainty in Games is one of those rare gems Written from the perspective of a game design practitioner, it is a thorough exploration of uncertainty mechanics specifically, an examination of what they are, what makes them work, and illustrated with a wide range of examples from existing games.This is the kind of a book where a very experienced practitioner speaks to other designers, and shares his observations about the craft The author is an accomplished game designer, and his experience and fascination with the domain clearly show Readers looking to glean insights about the varieties of uncertainty in games, and how it gets used across various titles and genres, will come away richly rewarded.I have been using this book as a supplemental text in a game design course for several years now, and I can t recommend it highly enough, not just to students but to fellow game developers as well.

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