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Key Management Models (Financial Times Series) no, probably not as good as an MBA, but a lot cheaper and does contain the essence of many models used in management Some of them are, admittedly, a little out of date, but at least there s completeness there and of course the criticism of each model helps put each model into perspective.Doesn t go in very deep, but covers a lot of useful ground. Sharp and short description of the models, it has to be used as a reference, if you don t know these models, the book will only confuse you If you do know the models, it s a great guide Management Models Love Them Or Hate Them, They Re At The Heart Of Management Thinking And Practice They Have Two Main Purposes The First Is To Provide A Framework For Improving Business Performance The Second Is To Help Managers And Management Consultants Get Away With Murder By Intimidating The Uninitiated With Buzzwords And AcronymsKey Management Models Takes The Reader Through Each Of These Essential Management Tools In A Clear, Structured And Practical Way By Answering The Following Key Questions What S The Big Idea When Do I Use It In The Final Analysis, Is It Any Good From Essential Management Tools Like Kaizen, Overhead Value Analysis And Benchmarking, To Models Developed By Gods Of Management Thinking Like Belbin, Handy, Kotter And Mintzberg, You Ll Find Dozens Of New Ways To Improve Your Business And From Now On You Ll Never Have To Admit You Don T Know Your Way Around Risk Reward Analysis No so impressed by the content Nonetheless it s as described by the seller. Very efficient Not in the condition I expected Also there are later editions which are better. This 214 page book surveys 56 key management models hence the title in the fields of Strategy, Functional Processes, Organization, People and Behaviour and Primary Process With that many models in those few pages, it s clear this is not going to be an in depth treatment The articles outline the key ideas and show the most important diagrams, as well as giving an assessment of the value of the model, under the headings of The Big Idea , When to use it and The final analysis.Inevitably some of the concepts lend themselves better than others to this treatment The article on the BCG matrix question marks, cash cows, rising stars and dogs encapsulates the idea and expresses it elegantly The article on chaos theory is rather sketchy.This is a superb book for reminding you, in a handy volume, of the terminology and main ideas of management models that you already understand It s also a good launching point for further reading, if you have the time to do this Equally, if you are confronted with a model you are unfamiliar with in a meeting, you could quickly slip out and break the tension, by saying Excuse me, I just have to slip out for a er study break and check out what the person is talking about.On the other hand, this book is not a shortcut to understanding management theory To be fair it is not marketed as such, but I suspect that a number of purchasers will be looking for that very thing.Just a couple of final quibbles Key Management Models picks up on Mintzberg s Configurations and his Management Models, but not on his seminal 10 types of strategy, which seems an odd omission Also, the spelling and general editing are not quite up to the usual standards.Worth having, though, if only as a quick reference to things you used to know. I audited this book as an input to a course on Integrative Thinking that I am developing for a Business School It s coverage of the major models in business gives me what I need to illustrate how models are built I will be recommending it to the class. Good book Brought this as part of my MBA pack,Recvd it in excellent condition and delivery was superb with no delaysExcellent book, a must have have for any Consultant

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