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Math with Bad Drawings: Illuminating the Ideas That Shape Our Reality I enjoy popular math books for the insights in to deal world problems without needing to complete a math degree I did find myself skipping through parts of this and wasn t as others I have read Not overall happy to have read this book. In MATH WITH BAD DRAWINGS , Ben Orlin Answers Math S Three Big Questions Why Do I Need To Learn This When Am I Ever Going To Use It Why Is It So Hard The Answers Come In Various Forms Cartoons, Drawings, Jokes, And The Stories And Insights Of An Empathetic Teacher Who Believes That Math Should Belong To Everyone Eschewing The Tired Old Curriculum That Begins In The Wading Pool Of Addition And Subtraction And Progresses To The Shark Infested Waters Of Calculus AKA The Great Weed Out Course , Orlin Instead Shows Us How To Think Like A Mathematician By Teaching Us A New Game Of Tic Tac Toe, How To Understand An Economic Crisis By Rolling A Pair Of Dice, And The Mathematical Reason Why You Should Never Buy A Second Lottery Ticket Every Example In The Book Is Illustrated With His Trademark Bad Drawings, Which Convey Both His Humor And His Message With Perfect Pitch And Clarity Organized By Unconventional But Compelling Topics Such As Statistics The Fine Art Of Honest Lying, Design The Geometry Of Stuff That Works, And Probability The Mathematics Of Maybe, MATH WITH BAD DRAWINGS Is A Perfect Read For Fans Of Illustrated Popular Science Although we have not bought it yet though we are sure we will , the look inside feature made our decision for us It was nothing like my daughter thought it would be, full of math equations and boring nonsense, instead it is a funny in depth take on what math should be taught like everywhere We played Ultimate Tic Tac Toe and thoroughly enjoyed it We reccomend playing soon and would also reccomend buying this book instantaniously. If you think you hate maths this book will make you love it As a science teacher, I m going to be pillaging his fabulous analogies, stories and explanations to the max As a former mathsophobe, I wish I had been a student of this guy when he was a teacher A Pixar movie of a book the plot is for the kids the jokes are for the adults.With that said, the jokes are AWESOME, the little cartoons much better than the title suggests and the ninth grade math is explained so well I wish I had this book in ninth grade Perhaps these days it s an eighth grade book, I don t know My kids are still too young Also, rather embarrassingly, I LEARNED STUFF FROM HERE No, I did not learn math I learned stuff I ought to have figured out for myself but was too focused on my grades to ponder Like, why elephants have thick legs for the same reason the sky is black I m serious, it s the same reason and you can read it here Halfway through the book the author actually runs out of amazing things about the natural world and from there he takes you to the mathematics of Wall Street and the IRS, which I did not find as captivating, let us say It all remains just as funny, though.So this was a fun book to read Probably an awesome gift for your friends kids If the little ones don t read it, the adults will at least get some good laughs out of it.

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