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Real World Camera Raw with Adobe Photoshop CS2 I bought this book about 6 months ago and it has become a bible of sharpening for me I shot with 6mp and 8mp now 10mp dSLRS and had previously used a single pass of UnSharp Mask or Smart Sharpen for sharpening all digital photos need sharpening all of them and in camera sharpening is not desirable for many reasons My photos never came out as sharp as others I had seen published and I kept asking myself, what am I doing wrong Is it my equipment, my photo technique, Now I know that at least part of it was my sharpening technique Also, I needed to learn that photos properly sharpened for output printing will likely not look good on the screen esp at 100% , and how to better judge output sharpness when viewing on the screen Hints 1 don t get freaked by apparent sharpening ugliness when viewing at 100% or greater 2 only view at even zoom factors like 25% and 50% and 3 50% is often a fair zoom to use when judging sharpening for output.The results I ve seen from the sharpening techniques in this book range from great to oh my god this is fabulous I m finally producing photos that are as sharp as I had always hoped for, comparable to anything I ve seen published.Bruce Fraser starts at the beginning, explaining the need for sharpening, and proceeds to build a case for why a three level sharpening process is so effective Source Sharpening, Content Creative Sharpening, and Output Sharpening After you re convinced by his sound reasoning that this is a good idea, he details how to implement this 3 pass sharpening process I codified the three passes into Photoshop Actions, which now take no time for me to run than the single pass sharpening I had previously done.I keep this book in my car or on my shelf, with dozens of post it tags sticking out where I added my own indexing to all the good parts I m sure that this book will become ragged with use, over the years It is without a doubt the most useful photography book I ve bought in the last 10 years. Call It A Control Thing, But Until Recently Or, Specifically, Until The Availability Of Digital Raw Camera Formats You Simply Weren T Ready To Make The Move To Digital Photography Raw Formats, However, Changed All Of That By Allowing You To Retrieve Images Before Any In Camera Processing Has Been Performed Photoshop S Adobe Camera Raw Plug In Makes That Process Even Easier By Providing A Standardized Way Of Accessing And Working With These Uncompressed Digital Negatives In Your Favorite Image Manipulation Software In The First Volume Devoted Exclusively To The Topic, Best Selling Author Bruce Fraser Shows You How To Take Advantage Of Adobe Camera Raw To Set White Balance, Optimize Contrast And Saturation, Handle Noise, Correct Tint, And Recover Lost Detail In Images Before Converting Them To Another Format After Learning About The Raw Formats Themselves, You Ll Discover Hands On Techniques For Exposing And Shooting For Digital Raw, Using Bridge, Adobe S New Standalone File Browser, To Preview Images And Automate Tasks, And Building A Workflow Around The Digital Raw Process You need to understand RAW mode to get the most out of your digital photos The fundamental reason is that they contain editing headroom By shooting in RAW, you can ignore all the camera settings other than ISO, exposure and shutter This book also explains the linearity of camera sensors versus the non linearity of our perception, which is why you want to expose as close to clipping highlights as possible All of the other corrections are done by the camera to the RAW image, including sharpening, contrast and brightness control, noise reduction, spectral correction, barrel pincushion distortion correction, color correction tint, saturation and especially white balance , etc etc This effectively means I can ignore 90% of the menu options on my camera and only worry about exposure.For me, the RAW converter can grab an extra stop of highlight detail over Canon s in camera converter EOS 5D and does a better job at noise reduction That alone is worth shooting in RAW.I came to this book after seeing it recommended in Martin Evening s Photoshop CS2 for Photographers an absolute gem and the Adobe classroom in a book a dud Like Evening s book, this one assumes you re serious you have print or web customers, need to calibrate color, need to archive, and want to automate as much as possible yet still retain creative options Most of it s about gamma digital s Zone System for contrast and highlight mid shadow detail and color correction.I found this book to be rather repetitious and far too filled with rah rah RAW prose An even bigger chunk just walks you through the menus, buttons, etc The remaining bit is worth the price of admission it tells you how to understand the conversions and then set up your workflow for the best balance for you between automation and creative control I also like that it s written for photographers if you don t understand histograms and gamma, this is probably not a good starter book.Ironically, the images in this book are horrible They re about the size of medium format transparencies 60mm or 2 1 4 inch square I couldn t tell the difference between most of the compare and contrast pairs Nor could my wife The other drawback is that it s another Photoshop book that s being sold by the pound heavy paper, huge font, and very wide margins Please make the pictures bigger next time. Think Bruce Fraser made good job with writing this book I decided to read it only because my dad bought good photo camera that makes RAW images.Very interesting and good book, but sometimes too much explanation some of them repeated too often Would very much recommend to people who are new to Camera Raw, Raw pictures and DNG format If you re photographer it s book for you. Finally a book that provides an understandable explanation of the program functionality, an outline of all features and establishes techniques that can be used in practice, that work, to allow users of the program to be up and running in a correct and established manner in the shortest time possible.

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