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Real World Image Sharpening with Adobe Photoshop, Camera Raw, and Lightroom (2nd Edition) Just About Every Digital Image Requires Sharpening Since Softness Is Inevitably Introduced During The Image Digitizing Process, And Oftentimes With Digital Photography, Images Are Sharpened Badly This Second Edition Of The Definitive Book By The Late Bruce Fraser Teaches Readers All They Need To Know About Sharpening, Including When To Use It, Why Its Needed, How To Use The Cameras Features, How To Recognize An Image That Needs Sharpening, How Much To Use, Whats Bad Sharpening, And How To Fix OversharpeningReal World Image Sharpening With Adobe Photoshop, Camera Raw, And Lightroom, Second Edition Is Written By Frasers Friend And Renowned Photographer Jeff Schewe It Adds Essential Coverage Of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom And Adobe Camera Raw, Since Many Of The Key Sharpening Functions Have Migrated From Photoshop To Those Tools Since The First Edition Of The Book Was Published The Book Shows Readers How To Recognize The Kind Of Sharpening That Each Image Needs Become Acquainted With The Full Arsenal Of Sharpening Tools Built Into Photoshop, Lightroom, And Camera Raw Sharpen Part Of An Image Selectively Create A Complete Sharpening Workflow That Allows Sharpening Images Optimally For Different Uses Balance The Contradictory Demands Of Sharpening And Noise Reduction And

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About the Author: Bruce Fraser

BRUCE FRASER was an internationally recognized authority on digital imaging and color image reproduction He authored or coauthored several bestsellers, including Real World Camera Raw with Adobe Photoshop, Real World Adobe Photoshop, and Real World Color Management. Bruce was also a principal and founder of Pixel Genius, LLC, a collaboration of industry experts dedicated to creating leading edge products and services for the photographic and digital imaging industries JEFF SCHEWE is a pioneer in the field of digital imaging and an alpha tester and feature consultant for Adobe An award winning advertising photographer for over 25 years, Jeff teaches and consults with leading companies and is a principal and founder of Pixel Genius, LLC