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Professional Portrait Retouching Techniques for Photographers Using Photoshop (Voices That Matter) Not sure if this book is worth the money really or they are just selling on the Scott Kelby franchise.Ive seen all of these techniques in other photoshop books that I have, so was abit disappointed with this purchase.Doesnt it show anything new and exciting no, not really.If you dont have any other photoshop technique books this would be a good buy If you do, dont bother. Each Year, Scott Kelby, Editor In Chief Of Photoshop User Magazine And The Best Selling Photoshop Author, Trains Literally Thousands Of Photographers On How To Retouch Portraits Using Photoshop Through His Live Seminars, Online Classes, DVDs, And Standing Room Only Workshops At The Photoshop World Conference Expo Now You Can Learn The Same Techniques He Uses In His Own Retouching Workflow, In The Only Book Of Its Kind One Written Expressly For Photographers Who Do Their Own RetouchingAs A Pro Photographer Himself, Scott Understands That Photographers Make Their Living Shooting, Not Retouching But, Delivering Fully Retouched Images Is Now Expected By Clients That S Why Scott Put Together This Amazing Resource For Teaching Photographers The Quickest, Easiest, And Most Effective Ways To Create Professional Looking, Retouched Final Images Without Spending Hours Grinding Away At Painstaking, Detailed TechniquesLEARN HOW THE PROS DO ITIt S All Here The Step By Step Methods For Fixing, Enhancing, And Finishing Your Portraits In Photoshop Using The Techniques In This Book, You Ll Create Images That Will Absolutely Wow Your Clients You Ll Learn How To Soften Skin And Still Retain Detail And Texture The Best Tricks For Beautifully Enhancing Eyes, Eyebrows, And Eyelashes How To Selectively Sharpen Portraits Without Complicated Masking How To Create Gorgeous Looking Lips How To Remove Blemishes Fast And Keep The Most Detail The Pros Tricks For Body Sculpting How To Make Your Subject S Hair Look Fabulous How To Give Your Retouches That Natural Look That Sets Them Apart Plus, You Get Scott S Complete Minute, Minute, And Minute Start To Finish WorkflowsIf You Re Ready To Learn The Tricks Of The Trade The Same Ones That Today S Leading Pro Photographers Use To Retouch, Tuck, Tighten, And Tone Their Images For That Pro Retouched Look You Re Holding The Book That Will Do Exactly That It Will Radically Change The Way You Retouch Your Portraits From Here On Out, And Give You The Best Looking, Most Natural Retouches You Ve Ever Done A simple to follow, highly detailed well laid out technique book that will take a very long time to put down after has picking it up to read.If you want drastic photoshop one fits all solutions this is not the book for you, rather than HDR do s and don t, graduating techniques and cutting and pasting a racing car into the Gobi desert, this helps you fine tune those minor details that most of us fail on, missed oppurtunities to add or or better eccentuate an element of a portrait In some cases, the pictures displayed before and after are quite if not very similar, but in real life when you get editing and printing these little, clever and subtle adjustments make a hell of a difference.The layout is superb, detailed in a step by step guide for each fix or adjustment, seperated by chapters which refer skin, eyes, lips etc etc, helping you build up a little personal set of adjustments The book finals on quick fixes of various durations, a professional workflow I do not know, but very informative and effectiveAs a reverence guide this book is worth its weight, just don t treat it as gospel, adjust, interpret and reinvent as you see fit, using this as guidance.If you are new to Photoshop then this book would be a bit heavy and perhaps overkill If you ve got the money to spend buy it as your skills will quickly grow into use for this brilliant technique guide. THis is one of these purchases that you can make with great confidence It is a book that I have worked through a page at a time but in truth you can quickly dip in and out of the sections that you want to use I have gained a few really good and highly usable techniques and it is well worth the price Fans of Scott Kelby will know his style of teaching and will find this a well illustrated manual delivered in a friendly and attractive style. This book was bought as a Christmas present for my son, which he was delighted with Condition of the book was superb as was the packaging Excellent purchase. I like Scotts style and he is always very informative As photoshop products go, this is very out of date as reflected in the price however it is still full of informative tuition and techniques and workflow remain the same whatever editing software you use At the same price as a camera mag, nothing to complain about. I went on Scott Kelby s 7 Point System for Photoshop Seminar and he shared a lot of ideas on how to retouch portraits and photos of women and men to make the photos look better without you being able to tell This is basically a book going into huge detail on how to do this At the end of the book he gives you the process for a 5 minute, 15 minute and 30 minute retouch depending on how much time you want to spend on post production And of course you can spend less than 5 minutes.What is particularly good about this book is that it shows you exactly how to do it without anyone being able to spot that you have improved it.Nobody wants to know that the wonderful photo that you have produced that makes them look good is fake Make your wives and girlfriends happy by removing their double chins , spots, blemishes and wrinkles, making their eyes look bigger and brighter and making them look slimmer This book lets you know all the secrets on how to do it and do it in a subtle way

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