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Effective Objective-C 2.0: 52 Specific Ways to Improve Your iOS and OS X Programs (Effective Software Development Series) Write Truly Great IOS And OS X Code With Objective C Effective Objective C Will Help You Harness All Of Objective Cs Expressive Power To Write OS X Or IOS Code That Works Superbly Well In Production Environments Using The Concise, Scenario Driven Style Pioneered In Scott Meyers Best Selling Effective C , Matt Galloway Brings Together Objective C Best Practices, Tips, Shortcuts, And Realistic Code Examples That Are Available Nowhere ElseThrough Real World Examples, Galloway Uncovers Little Known Objective C Quirks, Pitfalls, And Intricacies That Powerfully Impact Code Behavior And Performance Youll Learn How To Choose The Most Efficient And Effective Way To Accomplish Key Tasks When Multiple Options Exist, And How To Write Code Thats Easier To Understand, Maintain, And Improve Galloway Goes Far Beyond The Core Language, Helping You Integrate And Leverage Key Foundation Framework Classes And Modern System Libraries, Such As Grand Central DispatchCoverage Includes Optimizing Interactions And Relationships Between Objective C Objects Mastering Interface And API Design Writing Classes That Feel Right At Home Using Protocols And Categories To Write Maintainable, Bug Resistant Code Avoiding Memory Leaks That Can Still Occur Even With Automatic Reference Counting ARC Writing Modular, Powerful Code With Blocks And Grand Central Dispatch Leveraging Differences Between Objective C Protocols And Multiple Inheritance In Other Languages Improving Code Byeffectively Using Arrays, Dictionaries, And Sets Uncovering Surprising Power In The Cocoa And Cocoa Touch Frameworks

About the Author: Matt Galloway

Matt Galloway is a software engineer and programming enthusiast specializing in mobile app development He studied engineering at the University of Cambridge, England, and graduated in 2007 specializing in electrical and information sciences He owns a consultancy, Swipe Stack Ltd., and answers questions about Objective C, iOS, and Mac programming on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com

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