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iOS Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide Updated And Expanded To Cover IOS And Xcode , IOS Programming The Big Nerd Ranch Guide Leads You Through The Essential Concepts, Tools, And Techniques For Developing IOS Applications After Completing This Book, You Will Have The Know How And The Confidence You Need To Tackle IOS Projects Of Your Own Based On Big Nerd Ranch S Popular IOS Bootcamp Course And Its Well Tested Materials And Methodology, This Bestselling Guide Teaches IOS Concepts And Coding In Tandem The Result Is Instruction That Is Relevant And Useful Throughout The Book, The Authors Explain What S Important And Share Their Insights Into The Larger Context Of The IOS Platform You Get A Real Understanding Of How IOS Development Works, The Many Features That Are Available, And When And Where To Apply What You Ve Learned Here Are Some Of The Topics Covered Xcode , Instruments, And Storyboards Building Interfaces Using The IOS Aesthetic ARC And Strong And Weak References Handling Touch Events And Gestures Toolbars, Navigation Controllers, And Split View Controllers Using Auto Layout To Scale User Interfaces Using Dynamic Type To Scale Fonts Localization And Internationalization Block Syntax And Use Saving Loading Data Archiving And Core Data Core Location And Map Kit Communicating With Web Services Using JSON Using The Model View Controller Store Design Pattern

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    First off, if you don t know any OO programming languages, maybe start with their beginner s book Objective C Programming However, if you do know something like Java as I did, to a basic level then you will likely be able to launch straight into this as it starts pretty basic and guides you through all of the classes used throughout the boo

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    Easily the best Objective C iOS book I ve come across Their approach takes a little while to get used to, they skip a lot of details and tell you not to worry about thembut they do come back to them later when they ll make sense but it s hard to just carry on like that to begin with.Totally worth it though, even though I ve been developing apps

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    I recommend this book highly but it will serve you better if you first view some training videos such as the ones published at the cs76.tv website Start reading after some basic training so that you can make faster progress and have an opportunity to see slightly different ways of doing the same thing Visit the book s forum That helps a lot particularl

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    I ve read previous Big Nerd Ranch books on Cocoa Programming so immediately chose this book when I needed to learn iOS programming Certainly not disappointed Clear and concise, teaches you how to get the job done but doesn t skimp on the details.Highly recommended if you want to learn iOS programming properly.

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    Had a quick scan through the book and it looks great I did Java several years ago so I am starting from scratch with another book also from The Big Nerd Ranch like many reviews suggested

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    Excellent quality and value quickly dispatched.

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    Great book for learning IOS development.

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    If you want a solid book to learn iOS Programming as well as a solid reference, don t look further That s the book

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