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Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World Deep Work is the professional activities performed in a state of distraction free concentration that push your cognitive capabilities to their limit These efforts create new value, improve your skill, and are hard to replicate Cal Newport offers a very compelling argument as to the value of organising those periods when we all need to focus on the work knowledge we need to obtain to further our professional goals and ambitions Newport cites examples of key influential and high achieving individuals such as JK Rowling and Bill Gates where they each notoriously became obsessively focused when they needed to achieve the important deliverables or direction they needed in their professional goals.In a world where information is coming at us in greater variety, velocity and volume, we find ourselves unable to consume enough of or the right information, amidst all the noise In a contrary way, as the information availability accelerates the less we effectively absorb as valuable and usable content To be expert or at least highly capable in our work area, we need to build on strong learned foundations so we can deal with the inevitable problems with much confidence and resourcefulness.I would be a strong advocate for subconscious processing of information, and deep though periods, as long as we can secure the undistracted downtime for it to be properly embedded into our thinking and rationalisation processes Newport provides a framework for achieving this way of deep life, but it does require drastic changes to your lifestyle This may not be for everyone and certainly seems to be geared towards those in pursuit of academic accomplishment or specialised achievement.Newport does suggest that to live the life of Deep Work we need to put the distraction of social media aside so we can deploy our minds to its fullest capacity to create things that matter While I accept that social media can consume considerable time that is of little value, there are many roles in today s society and workplace that require constant engagement with customers, suppliers, colleagues and online audiences Like many things in life, it s all about balance and I would recommend the Deep Thought approach as part of a daily regime but not to the exclusion of all other interactions It is difficult to account for every minute of the day and attribute it towards a valuable contribution and I can imagine this will lead to frustration rather than reconciliation. This is easy to read but points out how distracted we are in our daily working lives Like now filling in reviews instead of getting on with deep focused work Gave me some good ideas and highlighted why it is important not to answer emails one or two days a week.very interesting about open plan offices which I have to suffer It explains why I have become so frustrated. I did a little research before buying this book and I was already interested in this subject having read lots of articles on similar topics.I m not sure if I ve learned something new that I haven t already read or watched from 5 15min reviews of the book.In my opinion it could have been much shorter I felt like I was wasting my time reading a lot of it as it was repeating examples and concepts. I have read a lot of books on personal development and self help, most of them useless This however is a true gem I put it in the top 5 most useful books I have ever read It is a great treatise on how to produce high quality work, and is becoming relevant by the day with our increasingly distracted world I feel sorry for kids you are already addicted to their smartphones by age 10.Highly recommend to anyone, and it has wide relevance across many fields Also very readable and entertaining It is a joy to read and has plenty of interesting tales and case studies to make the book flow perfectly, whilst imparting the necessary wisdom. One Of The Most Valuable Skills In Our Economy Is Becoming Increasingly Rare If You Master This Skill, You Ll Achieve Extraordinary Results Deep Work Is An Indispensable Guide To Anyone Seeking Focused Success In A Distracted World Deep Work Is The Ability To Focus Without Distraction On A Cognitively Demanding Task Coined By Author And Professor Cal Newport On His Popular Blog Study Hacks, Deep Work Will Make You Better At What You Do, Let You Achieve In Less Time And Provide The Sense Of True Fulfilment That Comes From The Mastery Of A Skill In Short, Deep Work Is Like A Superpower In Our Increasingly Competitive EconomyAnd Yet Most People, Whether Knowledge Workers In Noisy Open Plan Offices Or Creatives Struggling To Sharpen Their Vision, Have Lost The Ability To Go Deep Spending Their Days Instead In A Frantic Blur Of Email And Social Media, Not Even Realising There S A Better WayA Mix Of Cultural Criticism And Actionable Advice, DEEP WORK Takes The Reader On A Journey Through Memorable Stories From Carl Jung Building A Stone Tower In The Woods To Focus His Mind, To A Social Media Pioneer Buying A Round Trip Business Class Ticket To Tokyo To Write A Book Free From Distraction In The Air And Surprising Suggestions, Such As The Claim That Most Serious Professionals Should Quit Social Media And That You Should Practice Being Bored Put Simply Developing And Cultivating A Deep Work Practice Is One Of The Best Decisions You Can Make In An Increasingly Distracted World And This Book Will Point The Way

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