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Entertaining Mr Stone (Black Lace) i was surprized at how small this book was compared to other paperbacks the print is very small and after a few pages i couldnt be bothered with it i passed it on to a friend and she made the same comment on how small it was its no good if your eyesight is not a1 sorry. I purchased this book after reading Kiss it better by the same author hoping for a story as good if not better but was very disappointed Unlike Kiss it Better there was no real story line and the characters, for me, had no substance.If you have not already read kiss it better buy it instead of this What a strange story, not what i imagined it to be.It seemed ok at first then seemed to go off into different directions.something to read on a rainy day but in some parts i did not like.In the forestI am not prudish but some parts ok some not. Brought as a joke Christmas present, only read couple of pages Prefer murder mysteries myself. Another great book well written good story love her books never bored with them from start to finish I love the characters DA COSTA FANS WILL LOVE THIS BOOK AS IT EXPLAINS TWO COLOURFUL CHARACTERS WHO REPEATEDLY APPEAR IN FURTHER BOOKS.ROBERT AND MARIA ARE A HOOT It s a good quick read with full of surprises.Make me wonder what s gonna happen two of them at the end of the story though. She s a good girl gone bad When Maria Lewis moves back to her hometown, the quiet life she is looking for is quickly disrupted by the enigmatic presence of her new boss, Robert StoneA sexy, powerful older man, he seduces Maria into a deliciously erotic underworld But will she ever be than Mr Stone s plaything A tantalizing erotic romance from Portia Da Costa, the Sunday Times bestselling author of In Too Deep and The Accidental Trilogy REVIEWER S OPINION Read this for the erotic scenes, not for the plot or characters Although Mr Stone is an unusual character I think I d prefer a different storyline, but for readers wishing for a turn on, this should do it.STORY BRIEF Maria gets a job as a clerical worker at Borough Hall similar to City Hall Mr Stone is Director of Finance one of top management He is average looking, middle aged, slightly graying, and somewhat thick around the middle Maria is extremely attracted to him He has a commanding sexual presence They have several secret rendezvous at work He doesn t call her for a while after each one, and she wonders if he s lost interest, and then he sweeps her into another encounter A major storyline is Maria is drawn to Mr Stone but doesn t know where she stands There is still some of this even at the end Another storyline is Mr Stone is always planning some new and unexpected sexual encounter, usually with the risk of being seen There are a lot of sex games including self pleasuring, handcuffs, spanking, whipping, sex in public, men with men, women with women, group sex, and bathroom activities.DATA Story length 237 pages Swearing language strong Sexual language erotic Number of sex scenes 14 Setting current day town in England Copyright 2006 Genre erotic contemporary romance.OTHER BOOKS To date, I ve read one other book by Portia Da Costa My 3 star review of Suite Seventeen Copyright 2007 was posted 2 11 08. I struggled to get through this novel as it has a very boring plot and I didn t really care about the characters I started out feeling nothing for Mr Stone or Maria The author went overboard describing Mr Stone as plain and unattractive I started envisioning him as a really old, haggard looking man and that made the rest of the book less enjoyable He does nothing to endear us to him other than act like yet another version of a less charming Christian Gray which isn t saying much The DOM SUB relationship was unremarkable and I felt like the author just added in gross sounding things just to humiliate the main character.

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