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11 thoughts on “The Tutor: Black Lace Classics

  1. Howie Howie says:

    I really enjoyed this novel and like several other readers wish hope there is will be a sequel, Portia has created loveable characters as usual that you would be quite happy to follow into further sexploits I am confident that both David and Rosie are open to further experiences and that Julian, Celeste and ladybird are equally open to sharing them.Thank you Portia love your characters that feel real yet full of fun and mischief

  2. ABB ABB says:

    A beautiful erotic story with sections that can be avoided but the eroticism of the two main protagonists, makes the story worth the read

  3. Fizzle Fizzle says:

    Once I started to read this book in brilliant love everything about it Can t wait to start on book two

  4. Sallyann Gladman Sallyann Gladman says:

    Eloquently written.Mind expanding.Off in search of of Portia s works to read.Highly recommended to anyone who enjoys reading erotic novels.Was sad that it ended when it many opportunities to explore.

  5. Ses6 Ses6 says:

    This has been the most erotic book I have read in quite a while I loved it I wish there was a sequel

  6. Hawkeye Hawkeye says:

    No problems

  7. Customer Customer says:

    good read,

  8. Kindle Customer julie Lincolnshire Kindle Customer julie Lincolnshire says:

    Fantastic book to read would definitely read of the authors books can t wait to read the next books would recommend

  9. Dianne Guthrie Dianne Guthrie says:

    Boring characters and storyline.Did not finish.

  10. gail gail says:

    I ve always loved Portia da Costa s stories she has a certain way of phrasing things that just seems to appeal to me.I think I read this a long time ago in the 90s, but I fancied re reading it again on my Smartphone I wish she d write some I can t seem to find any of them now that I haven t read A good hot read

  11. val fox val fox says:

    It s just junk, I really don t know why I bothered to download it Didn t get to the end Too boring.

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The Tutor: Black Lace Classics Lessons in seductionWhen Rosalind Howard takes a job as private librarian for the charming and distinguished Julian Hadey, she soon finds that cataloguing his collection of erotica will be the least of her dutiesJulian requires a tutor for his wife s cousin Though young and beautiful, David is extremely sheltered and uninitiated in the arts of erotic love Can Rosalind teach him all there is to know about pleasure A kinky erotic romance from Portia Da Costa, the Sunday Times bestselling author of In Too Deep and the Accidental series